I Was Just Thinking...

I was just thinking…there were more people at this Spring Game than some of the games during the regular season when the team went 1-10.

I was just thinking…I should have purchased one of those quick setup awnings because the BeaverFootball.com staff looked like the Griswolds trying to put up my old style awning. At least I didn’t bring the blue tarp one. You know, the one with all of the guy wires that everyone trips over when you go camping.

I was just thinking…the quarterbacks on the white team should have worn bull’s-eyes on their jerseys. Now they know how the Notre Dame quarterbacks felt during the Fiesta Bowl.

I was just thinking…the Beavers are stacked at tight-end. There was a lot of size and talent out there today and Dan Haines didn’t even play.

I was just thinking…why did that little boy’s Dad have him pee in the corner of the bathroom entrance? Just because he had passed five other locked bathrooms in Reser didn’t mean the next one would be locked.

I was just thinking…it was nice to have running water and full paper towel dispensers in the men’s bathroom. It would have been even nicer to have a trash can to throw the paper towels into.

I was just thinking…Danny Southwick has a pretty good arm. Too bad he didn’t get much in the way of protection so he could try it out.

I was just thinking…it was swell of “The Toe” to take one for the team when he ran into the side view mirror of my car. It was one of the harder hits that I saw all day. There is nothing like running into something and hitting that part of your hip where it’s just skin bone. The Toe has a very nice bruise/abrasion thing. As always, I advised him to say, “You should see the other guy.”

I was just thinking…Adam Koets showed good field awareness when he whipped his helmet off part way through the national anthem. Better late than never.

I was just thinking…Joe Newton is huge.

I was just thinking…if my hair grew faster, I would wear it like David Lose.

I was just thinking…should we call him Warvey Hittin’?

I was just thinking…Kanan Sanchez was a brick wall. I watched him on quite a few plays and he is looking good.

OL David Lose

I was just thinking…was the “thank you for paying for the game” and the reminder of the OSU “Winter Term Surcharge” speech a real thank you or were they just rubbing it in?

I was just thinking…was it me or did the referee look like he needed to add bleach to his next laundry load? (For those of you who didn’t attend the game; the referee’s shirt was black and yellowish instead of black and white.)

I was just thinking…wouldn’t it be great if Henry Anderson played this good during the regular season.

I was just thinking…if I were the boss, I would find a way to have Trent Bray and Richard Seigler on the field at the same time.

I was just thinking…will Kirk Yilinemi always look 10 years younger than he really is?

I was just thinking…only 124 days to Sac. State. See you then.

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