Job One

THERE ARE multiple questions and storylines heading into any fall camp. But there's also usually a high priority, a "job one." And the Beavs kick off their 2011 fall camp in just three weeks on Aug. 8.

It would seem running back would be a good guess as to what's on top of the priority list for Oregon State.

Spring ball didn't provide an answer as to a clear cut starter. More and more, as spring ball went along, it felt like the Beavs were inching towards a running back by committee situation.

There haven't been many by-committee running attacks in recent years that end up highly successful.

Unless something changes in fall camp, Oregon State senior Ryan McCants looks to be a good bet to be the starter. But will he be in the backfield on third down?

Or will that guy be Jovan Stevenson?

Or is it Terron Ward, who was putting together a nice spring before he got dinged up?

Where do Malcolm Marable and Jordan Jenkins fit into the mix?

It would have been nice to have seen one of the above emerge above the rest – Stevenson was a guy many thought would turn the proverbial corner in spring ball but things didn't play out that way.

Malcolm Agnew and Storm Woods will get to show what they can do when fall camp gets underway and it would be a welcome sight to see one break out.

OSU should have some zip to their passing game in 2011, provided James Rodgers and Joe Halahuni make it back from injuries sooner rather than later. But for it all to work, the running game has to be solid.

Mike Riley believes in a balanced offense. If you're only throwing or only running, a defense doesn't have to defend the other. And when that happens, an offense generally gets shut down.

And if OSU's running game without Quizz isn't productive, the passing game won't be all that it can be.

The Beavs need one guy more than they need a bunch of guys filling several roles. The question remains, however, will one guy step up and seize it? In three weeks, the answers start to come.

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