RILEY: Beavs must grow up fast in fall camp

EARLY ON during the Pac-12 media day appearance, Mike Riley, who sat next to Lance Mitchell on the podium, offered up insight on what Oregon State has to do this year to finish higher in the standings than predicted.

And it will be determined quickly, in fall camp.

Mike Riley said the Beavs will have to grow a lot during fall camp, primarily due to the injury situation surrounding OSU where they aren't expected to have some key players ready for fall camp, and as they try to replace the NFL-bound Quizz.

--The Pac-12 media picked OSU to finish fourth in the six-team Pac-12 North, behind Oregon, Stanford and Washington, and followed by Cal and Washington State.

-- James Rodgers: Riley said the one thing you can never do is count JR out, but he's looking at it conservatively. He said he they'll see where he's at and where the doctors say he's at as they get into camp.

-- Riley said doctors expect Joe Halahuni to be ready at some point in fall camp -- I think in a best case scenario he'll be practicing the last couple of weeks of fall camp, but as to when he's ready-ready, it's to be seen and determined as they go along.

-- At running back, Riley said they do not have a No. 1 back as of today. He said Jovan Stevenson Malcolm Marable might be best suited to 3rd down backs, while Ryan McCants and Jordan Jenkins might be first down guys. The two incoming backs, Storm Woods and Malcolm Agnew, will have the opportunity to compete for the starting job. He said he was happy with how the RB group performed in the spring.

-- On the Pac-12 TV deal that kicks in next year, Riley said the impact will be a major factor on OSU.

-- On the taunting rule, Lance Mitchell said he doesn't see it being a factor because Riley doesn't tolerate it.

-- Lance Mitchell said last year the defense fell off, but he expects the defense this year to get back to playing at a higher level.

-- Riley said playing well every week will be critical. OSU missed out on a bowl appearance last year by one game, finishing at 5-7.

-- On the new excessive celebration rule, Riley said the emphasis is likely to be made early. He diplomatically said whether you agree with the rule or not it's still a rule.

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