CORVALLIS – It was only the second day of fall camp, but the Beavs looked fairly sharp -- the team speed on defense was evident James Rodgers was making strong plants and cuts and Ryan Katz was throwing long. But no one, perhaps, stood out more than WR Kevin Cummings, who has been making the spectacular grab his own personal habit.

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Practice Snapshot:

2:00 – Team stretching, offensive/defensive linemen drills, route running for receivers.

2:15 – Punt coverage communication drills, QB accuracy drills with net targets.

2:30 – Field goal kicking practice, QBs and RBs work on handoffs, WR short route running catching drills.

2:40 – Full 11-on-11 field goal practice.

2:45 – Offense and defense split up; offense works on offense-only play-calling communication, defense separates into secondary, linebackers and defensive lineman drills.

2:50 – WR cone drill, QBs and RBs work on passing, TE receiving drills.

3:00 – QBs work with TEs and WRs on mid-long range passing and receiving.

3:15 – Offense comes together for full offense-only drills (runs, screens, fly sweeps, some deeper passes)

3:25 – Skeleton.

3:35 – One-on-ones. Highlight of the drill came when receiver Jordan Bishop put a move on safety Lance Mitchell which resulted in a stumble and created plenty of separation for the easy catch.

4:00 – Full 11-on-11 team session.

4:15 – Veteran players dismissed early again. Riley has meeting with vets. Younger players stay on for more practice.

4:40 – Only QBs, RBs, WRs, and DBs remain among younger players for passing drills. Once again, practice ends right at 5 pm.


Running with the 1's on Day 2, complete with practice notes:


QB: Ryan Katz 

Split End: Markus Wheaton

Slotback: Jordan Bishop

Flanker: James Rodgers

Tailback: Ryan McCants

Tight End: Colby Prince

H-Back: Joe Halahuni

Left Tackle: Mike Remmers

Left Guard: Josh Andrews

Center: Grant Johnson

Right Guard: Burke Ellis

Right Tackle: Colin Kelly



Left End: Taylor Henry

Left Tackle: Castro Masaniai

Right Tackle: Kevin Frahm

Right End: Scott Crichton

SLB: Cameron Collins

MLB: Feti Unga

WLB: Michael Doctor

LCB: Jordan Poyer

S: Anthony Watkins

S: Lance Mitchell

RCB: Brandon Hardin


Offense Note: WR Obum Gwacham and TE Connor Hamlett saw a lot of first team reps in 11-on-11s. While they were filling the spots of Markus Wheaton and Joe Halahuni, who both sat out for this drill, both guys looked like they belonged and had good chemistry with Katz.

Quarterback Notebook: Katz and Vaz looked par for the course running first and second team reps, respectively. Katz threw the only interception of the day to MLB Feti Unga. Third-stringer Sean Mannion made some nice throws during both one-on-ones and full-team session.

Wide Receiver Notebook:

Wheaton: Looked very fast in all receiving drills today, particularly in one-on-ones. Wheaton did not participate in the full 11-on-11 team session.

Mike Riley: "Through the end of the year when James (Rodgers) got hurt and (Wheaton's) role became bigger, and his burden became bigger. I thought he stepped up (last year), but I really thought he stepped up in the spring."

Bishop: Bishop looks to be getting healthier. He participated in all wide receiver drills in today's practice, and had the nice play on Mitchell as mentioned earlier.

Rodgers: Rodgers was involved in all receiver drills up until one-on-ones began, as per plan, said Riley. He again practiced for about an hour and a half before calling it a day. Rodgers looks crisp in his routes and his speed is coming back after his knee surgery.

Rodgers did not ice his knee like he did yesterday, but appeared to be walking with a heavy limp on the sidelines for the rest of the practice.

Riley: "I think that (Rodgers) followed up his first day with another good day … He'll put a brace on. We have a special brace ordered for him."

Cummings: Sophomore receiver Kevin Cummings has caught the eye of many during the first two days of fall practice with his spectacular catches.

Riley: "(Cummings) has definitely taken a jump up from spring ball camp. I think the result is he's made a couple of big-time plays two days in a row."

Running Back Notebook:

McCants: McCants took most of the first team reps, but just like yesterday Terron Ward, Malcolm Marable and Jovan Stevenson were in the mix as well. Riley, however, has been very impressed with McCants: "Ryan is in the best shape of his life—running faster than he ever has."

Riley on Stevenson: "Jovan Stevenson is really ahead of where he was, looking to be an every-down back."

O-Line Notebook:

Riley praised starting left guard Josh Andrews for his play thus far. Andrews made the switch from center to guard this year, and has adapted much better than anyone anticipated. Riley joked about how he'd get too fired up and snap the ball over the goal posts when they ran shotgun formation.


Defense Notebook:

All three defensive units really stood out during full team 11-on-11s. At times, the D seemed to overwhelm Katz, Vaz and Mannion.

Doctor: The linebacker corps in particular was a topic for Riley: "There's a lot going on at outside linebacker. Mike Doctor is an awesome guy to have in there right now, but he hasn't played that much."

Collins: SLB Cameron Collins, coming back from abdominal surgery, was once again very limited in practice. He participated in defensive drills throughout the day, but not any team drills.

Unga: Unga made the only interception of the day when Katz made a mistake of a throw, falling right into Unga's hands.

Secondary: Hardin, Poyer, Mitchell and Watkins all participated fully in the entire practice.


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