CORVALLIS -- Caution is still the watchword surrounding James Rodgers and his surgically repaired knee, but he took another step forward in the morning session. Feti Unga had the hit of the day, but Mike Riley wasn't all that enamored with it, Colby Prince turned in the offensive play of the morning -- while watching Markus Wheaton vs. Jordan Poyer on Saturday was a football purist's dream.

Practice Snapshot:
8:30 – Stretches and warm-ups, QBs taking shotgun snaps, OL drills.
8:40 – Punt coverage/returns, WR route running, DL pass rushing drills, QBs throwing at net targets on the run and under pressure situational.
9:00 – Offense-only running different plays, defense separates into units.
9:05 – Offense splits up, QB-RB handoffs, TE run blocking, OL run blocking.
9:10 – All except WRs, DBs, and some QBs running plays, other QBs and WRs doing mid-range passing work.
9:20 – One-on-ones.
9:25 – First skeleton (1st downs situations), OL and DL separate into their own drills.
9:30 – First full-team 11-on-11s (1st downs)
9:40 – Team splits up into units. QBs passing to WRs and TEs, DL and LBs working together on run coverage and filling lanes, DBs do man-to-man coverage exercises.
10:00 – Second skeleton session (3rd downs), OL and DL against each other in blocking drills.
10:10 – Second full-team session (3rd downs).
10:25 – Vets done, young guys stay for extra work, shorter practice today because of first day of daily doubles.

Running with the 1's on Day 6, complete with practice notes:
QB: Ryan Katz
RB: Ryan McCants
Split End: Markus Wheaton
Slotback: Jordan Bishop
Flanker: Darrell Catchings
Tailback: Ryan McCants
Tight End: Colby Prince
Left Tackle: Mike Remmers
Left Guard: Josh Andrews
Center: Grant Johnson
Right Guard: Burke Ellis
Right Tackle: Colin Kelly

Left End: Taylor Henry
Left Tackle: Andrew Seumalo
Right Tackle: Kevin Frahm
Right End: Scott Crichton
SLB: Rueben Robinson
MLB: Feti Unga
WLB: Michael Doctor
LCB: Jordan Poyer
S: Lance Mitchell
S: Anthony Watkins
RCB: Brandon Hardin

Defense Note: DT Andrew Seumalo saw more reps with the first team today than Dominic Glover. The two have both been rotating between first and second units this fall.

Offense Note: Ryan McCants, Terron Ward, and Jovan Stevenson all saw first team reps at tailback today.

Quarterback Notebook:
Katz: Mike Riley liked what he saw with Katz today – "He threw with really good velocity this morning."

Riley also commented that the QBs as a whole were "back and forth" today. It was a definite improvement over yesterday's four interceptions thrown.

Wide Receiver Notebook:
Rodgers: James Rodgers saw his first action of one-on-ones today. He's slowly but steadily getting that knee healthy and getting involved in more drills. Besides one-on-ones, he did not participate in any other team drills.

Riley: "(Rodgers) just got a couple of one-on-ones. We didn't have the guys press cover him so it wasn't bump and run all the way. He will sit out tonight, he's not going to run two-a-day practices."

Prince: In a mostly uneventful full-team session, starting TE Colby Prince made the best play for the offense. Prince ran right up the seam and with no defenders around, he stood in his spot a couple seconds before Katz's throw got to him about 25 yards downfield.

Wheaton vs. Poyer: The most exciting matchup thus far in camp has been Markus Wheaton against Jordan Poyer. The two starters almost always go against each other in one-on-ones, and they almost always end up having a close play on the ball.

Running Back Notebook:
There is still no clear feature back, or even a clear top two yet. McCants, Ward and Stevenson all took first team reps today.

Riley on current RB situation: "We're not assuming anything right now. If one guy is going to play more on first and second down, and one guy is the third-down back, a lot of football teams do that. I'm not opposed to that, but I'm not ready to say that's what we're going to do yet."

Freshmen RBs: True freshmen Malcolm Agnew and Storm Woods have done enough to prove they belong in the tailback rotation, possibly even as soon as this year.

Riley: "Frankly, Agnew and Storm Woods are doing a good job too. We're going to have to make some tough decisions soon, but those two guys are definitely athletic enough and gifted enough to be considered right now."

Defensive Note:
Masaniai: In his second day back, DT Castro Masaniai wore a helmet but no pads today, as per NCAA rules -- he'll need three practices in less than full pads before being allowed to join full contact drills. He was involved in a couple of defensive line drills, but was limited as the others were in full gear and he was not.

Robinson: Rueben Robinson, still filling Cameron Collins' spot at SLB, has done a solid job sliding over from the middle so far.

Riley: "(Robinson) has played his whole life inside. He obviously has a good knowledge of the defense to be able to step in and kind of fit in and not stand out like a sore thumb the wrong way."

Harrah: DE Blake Harrah went down with a knee injury yesterday, but it won't be a long-term injury, according to Riley.

Scott: Unfortunately, true freshman CB Larry Scott will have season-ending surgery. Scott hurt his knee towards the end of practice last Tuesday.

Unga: The hit of the day was one laid by MLB Feti Unga on Terron Ward. The 5-7 RB was headed upfield when Unga came in and laid a shoulder into him and sent Ward flying. Riley was quick to get on Unga for a hit like that.

Riley: "Some of that is inadvertent. They're just playing ball. I was just trying to make a statement that we don't want to do that unless we're scrimmaging."

Injuries are obviously the biggest concern with a hit like this in a non-tackling setting. Riley talked about a similar incident that happened in spring ball and a player ended up getting hurt from the big hit.

Practice Note: No interviews are conducted after the second practice of two-a-days so there won't be any notes from Riley, but we'll be back with our second report on the action from Corvallis later tonight.

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