Four Beavs in trouble with the law says Riley

CORVALLIS – A quartet of Beaver footballers found themselves in trouble with the law as the first week of fall camp practice came to a close.

Four Beav players together were charged with MIPs this weekend, Mike Riley said on Monday.

They are walk-on DT Joe Lopez, S Will Storey, TE Connor Hamlett and TE Tyler Perry.

Riley said he would wait for further developments in the legal system to determine a punishment but indicated a game suspension was likely as per the conduct code, and would not necessarily be for the first game.

The MIPs were issued at the residence of Lopez, Hamlett, and Storey. Media reports stated around 40 people had gathered at the residence on Saturday night, and police were called with complaints of loud noise. Thirty-six of the appx. 40 were determined to be under age.

BF.C will have a full report on the morning practice shortly.

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