CORVALLIS – Lots of news and notes coming out of the Willamette Valley today, both on the field and off. Peter Ashton's move from QB to S was his idea, Brandin Cooks looks to fast be playing himself into first year action at receiver and in the return game, lots of dinged-up DBs, while Kevin Cummings looks to be poised to "break through", says Mike Riley. That and much more, after the jump…

Practice Snapshot:
8:30 – Stretches and warm-ups, QB dropbacks, OL work.
8:40 – Special teams work: kickoff coverage, onside kicks, field goals; WR route running, QB specific passing drills, OL and DL do individual work.
8:55 – Offense breaks off and runs a few plays.
9:00 – DBs man-to-man coverage drills, TEs run blocking, QB-RB passing, OL and LBs together for run coverage/blocking.
9:05 – 9-on-9 running plays, QBs and WRs short-mid range passing.
9:15 – One-on-ones.
9:25 – First skeleton.
9:30 – First full-team 11-on-11s (1st downs).
9:40 – Offense and defense separate, QB-TE passing, DL and LBs together on run coverage/filling lanes, CBs doing press coverage drill, safeties communication work, OL with RBs for pass blocking, WR cone drill.
9:55 – Second skeleton (3rd downs), OL-DL together for double teams.
10:00 – Second full-team session (3rd downs).
10:20 – Veterans done, young stay behind for work with units, followed by 11-on-11s.
10:40 – Practice ends.

Running with the 1's on Day 7, complete with practice notes:
QB: Ryan Katz
RB: Ryan McCants
Split End: Markus Wheaton
Slotback: Jordan Bishop
Flanker: Obum Gwacham
Tight End: Colby Prince
Left Tackle: Mike Remmers
Left Guard: Josh Andrews
Center: Grant Johnson
Right Guard: Burke Ellis
Right Tackle: Colin Kelly

Left End: Taylor Henry
Left Tackle: Andrew Seumalo
Right Tackle: Kevin Frahm
Right End: Scott Crichton
SLB: Cameron Collins
MLB: Feti Unga
WLB: Michael Doctor
LCB: Jordan Poyer
S: Lance Mitchell
S: Anthony Watkins
RCB: Keynan Parker

Defense Note: CB Brandin Hardin was one of many DBs sitting out today due to injury. Keynan Parker took his place at corner with the first-team. Andrew Seumalo and Dominic Glover continue to flip-flop reps with the first-team, but today it was Seumalo who saw more action. Three different linebackers saw action at the SAM with first-team today. Rueben Robinson was in early, Cameron Collins then took the lion's share of reps for skeleton and the first full-team 11-on-11s, and freshman D.J. Welch finished the day at SLB with Collins done for the day.

Offense Note: WR Obum Gwacham saw significantly more time with the first-team than Darrell Catchings this morning for the first time during fall camp. This spot is still saved for James Rodgers but it was Gwacham working with Katz more today than Catchings. H-Back Joe Halahuni was again limited today to TE and offense-only drills.

Quarterback Notebook:
Ashton: True freshman Peter Ashton is no longer a quarterback. He has moved to safety by his own request. Ashton got some work in today with the second-team at safety. Don't expect him to jump right in as a backup; the DBs were very thin this morning.

Riley: "I only told him that he do it if he really, really wanted to play safety because it's not smart to be discouraged at quarterback after day five."

Wide Receiver Notebook:
Cooks: Freshman Brandin Cooks has once again caught the attention of many in this morning's practice. He sure took advantage of Ashton's first day at safety, beating him and his counterpart on the second-team Josh LaGrone three different times on deep balls.

Riley: "What catches your eye about Brandin is that he catches the ball and he's fast and all that, but he's also mature."

Riley also added that Cooks' versatility as a kick and punt returner can only increase the likelihood that he will see the field this year.

Cummings: Sophomore receiver Kevin Cummings looks like he may also have a significant role with the team this year.

Riley: "(Cummings) is putting himself in a position where we would feel good about him being in a game, which is a breakthrough for the guy."

Rodgers: James Rodgers again participated in one-on-ones today and was also working on agility drills by himself after practice—a very good sign he's working very hard to get back on the field in full-team action soon.

Running Back Notebook:
The carousel of running backs continues for the Beavers. Five guys saw at least some action with the first team today: Rashaad McCants, Terron Ward, Jovan Stevenson, Jordan Jenkins and Storm Woods.

Riley still gave no indication if any of them are standing out more than the others-- "We're just going to have to watch it a little bit more before I say anything else."
O-Line Notebook:
Andrews: During the first offense-only drill, there was a lot of sloppy play, which led one of the assistant coaches to make the team do up-downs as punishment. After the embarrassing display by the offense, it was guard Josh Andrews who stepped up as a leader to get the team back on the right page. Riley has commented on Andrews' leadership qualities before, and it looks like he is relishing the role.

Defensive Notebook:
Secondary injuries: There were three defensive backs sitting out of practice today: Brandin Hardin (shoulder), Ryan Murphy (groin), Rashaad Reynolds (knee). Riley said he does not expect any of them to be out for long.

Audiss: With all the injuries, it was lucky to have two new safeties on board now. Besides Ashton's switch, freshman Micah Audiss (6-1, 190) joined the team on Friday. He will be wearing number 37. Audiss is from Roseburg and is not in full pads yet, but is running drills with the secondary.

Masaniai: Castro Masaniai is still running with the second-team in drills, and remains without full gear for the time being.

Riley: "(Masaniai)'s not in full pads but he did what he could do in shells, shoulder pads and helmets, which as you know is a lot … it's good to have him back and now he's got to work to get back in shape and getting ready for playing."

Williams: Freshman linebacker Josh Williams missed practice today with a hip flexor injury but is not expected to miss much time.

Martin: If three defensive backs out before practice wasn't enough, CB Sean Martin got hurt in 11-on-11s. Martin was in man-to-man with Wheaton on a deep pass and fell down after Wheaton made the catch, banging his head on the grass.

Riley: "He hit his head real hard on the ground on that coverage play so he'll be examined, and I would imagine slow to recover."

Riley's comments on the four players who received MIPs this weekend - DT Joe Lopez, S Will Storey, TE Connor Hamlett and TE Tyler Perry:

"We had an incident over the weekend where we had four of our players -- it was the home of three of the guys -- on Saturday night, and they (were) charged for sure with an MIP, and I don't know what else."

"They will be dealt with as far as game suspension, which will be determined, and something else from me."

The incident took place at the residence of Lopez, Hamlett, and Storey.

"A real good indication of bad choices," said Riley.

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