CORVALLIS – D-tackle Castro Masaniai was running with the 1s for the first time this fall in the evening session of Wednesday's two-a-days. It also seems to be that time of camp when players start to get tired of going against each other time after time, and the jeering from both sides of the ball picked up as practice wore into the 11-on-11s. But Mike Riley brought the Beavs back into focus.

Practice Snapshot:
6:30 – Stretches and warm-ups, OL drills, TEs catch balls from JUGS machine, punts (returner only).
6:40 – Full-team kickoff coverage and onside kicks, OL and DL work separately, QB drop backs.
6:50 – Full-team punt coverage/returns. The non-special teams players watch from sidelines.
7:00 – Full-team field goals. QBs, tailbacks and fullbacks work on running plays.
7:05 – Offense and defense separate, offense runs plays, defense does interception returns.
7:10 – Offense and defense break into units, QB-RB handoffs and passes, WR cone drill, CBs man-to-man and press coverage, OL blocking.
7:20 – Full-team game simulation.
7:30 – Skeleton. OL and DL do drills together.
7:35 – 11-on-11s.
7:45 – Team again splits into units, QB-WR passing, OL and RBs do pass protection drills, DBs work on shedding blockers in run coverage, LB run prevention drills.
7:50 – Offense comes back together to run more plays.
7:55 – Red zone skeleton. Defense particularly dominant and making sure the offense can hear them.
8:00 – Red zone 11-on-11s. After the jeering from both sides of the ball picks up, Riley gets on the team to knock it off, focus and pay close attention to details. This must be about that time in fall camp when the players start to get sick of going up against each other every day.
8:15 – Veterans done, young players stay for extra work.
8:35 – Practice over.
Running with the 1's on Day 9, complete with practice notes:
QB: Ryan Katz
RB: Ryan McCants
Split End: Markus Wheaton
Slotback: Jordan Bishop
Flanker: Obum Gwacham
Tight End: Colby Prince
Left Tackle: Mike Remmers
Left Guard: Josh Andrews
Center: Grant Johnson
Right Guard: Burke Ellis
Right Tackle: Colin Kelly

Left End: Taylor Henry
Left Tackle: Andrew Seumalo
Right Tackle: Castro Masaniai
Right End: Scott Crichton
SLB: Rueben Robinson
MLB: Feti Unga
WLB: Michael Doctor
LCB: Jordan Poyer
S: Anthony Watkins
S: Lance Mitchell
RCB: Brandon Hardin

Defense Note:
DT Castro Masaniai saw all of his reps with the first-team for the first time this fall. With Kevin Frahm now sidelined, look for Masaniai to continue to get lots of reps with the 1's. In fact, it would be a mild surprise if he didn't stick there in the practice to come. With Frahm out, it's Masaniai, Dominic Glover, Andrew Seumalo and Ben Motter who will need to hold down the fort.

Quarterback Notebook:
Vaz: Backup QB Cody Vaz did not participate in any aspects of tonight's practice. He was present, and in his jersey with no pads or helmet, but watched practice from the sideline. No word on if there's an injury here, Riley doesn't speak to the media after the evening session of two a days, but expectation is that it will be short-term.

Mannion: QB Sean Mannion got some action with the second-team, and looked good doing it. He did not throw an incompletion in the first skeleton session, and also threw two TDs out of the three plays he ran from the 15-yard line in the full-game simulation.

Wide Receiver Notebook:
Cooks: True freshman Brandin Cooks -- a standout at fall camp who has likely has earned himself playing time in the fall -- came down with an injury after falling on top of his defender after a TD catch. Cooks was lying in the grass for a minute, and got up walking with a limp -- could be anything from an ankle to a calf to a hamstring, and he did not return to practice.

Rodgers: WR James Rodgers was not in helmet or pads and only was involved in WR drills, not a surprise as he continues to ease into the flow of things and get his knee back in fighting shape..

Catchings: Darrell Catchings missed practice again. He was in his jersey and sweatpants on the sideline.

Running Back Notebook:
The backfield is still as crowded as ever. All seven potential contributors at tailback saw time with the first-team throughout practice. The only takeaway tonight is the ongoing realization that both true freshmen, Malcolm Agnew and Storm Woods look like they can be a part of the team in some form this year. Both running backs saw more time with the 1's than they have been given.

Fullbacks: The fullbacks got more work today with the Beavs working on particular situations. Clayton York is the starter, and backup Tyler Anderson got some action as well.

Defensive Notebook:
D-Line: For the first practice in some time, there seemed to be a definitive four starters on the defensive front. They were: Taylor Henry, Castro Masaniai, Andrew Seumalo and Scott Crichton. DT Kevin Frahm watched practice from the sidelines. He had a brace on his knee and his ankle was wrapped.

Collins: SLB Cameron Collins was only involved in LB and defense-only drills tonight. Rueben Robinson and D.J. Welch both saw time with the first-team at his spot, with Robinson getting the lion's share of reps with the 1's.

Wilson: Backup MLB Tony Wilson showed off his vertical when making a nice interception in red zone 11-on-11s. Fellow linebacker Cam Collins yelled out "JUGS machine!" after the pick. The linebackers were working on catches from the machine for fun earlier (during the special teams portion of practice), something they obviously don't normally do in practice.

Reynolds: CB Rashaad Reynolds remains out of practice with a knee injury.

Hardin: CB Brandon Hardin participated in all drills up until the last red zone 11-on-11 team session. Hardin sat that one out and was replaced by Ryan Handford.

Zimmerman: It's trial by fire for newly-converted safety Tyrequek Zimmerman. He was thrust right into action with the second-team at safety in all drills tonight -- and he held his own out there.

Poyer: Normally assigned to Markus Wheaton in team drills, Jordan Poyer saw a lot of Obum Gwacham, and made him look slow. Back-to-back plays in skeleton, Poyer beat Gwacham to the ball easily and made a nice interception on one of the plays.

Kick returners: Poyer and Jovan Stevenson were the kick returners on the first-team during drills.

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