CORVALLIS – You're going to have a few of these days in a fall camp, where a number of players and units are just plain out of sync. Such was the case for Oregon State in this afternoon's practice. But there was still news being made, including James Rodgers getting in some punt return work..

Practice Snapshot:
3:00 – Stretches and warm-ups, OL individual work, punt returns (returner only), TEs catch balls from JUGS machine.
3:10 – Special teams drills, OL and DL do separate work, QB dropbacks and other work.
3:20 – Full special teams punt coverage.
3:30 – Full special teams kickoffs and other work.
3:35 – Team field goals, QB-RB handoff exchanges.
3:45 – Offense and defense split up, offense runs plays, defense does work out of units.
3:50 – Offense breaks off into units, QB-WR passing, OL and RBs pass blocking.
3:55 – "Red ball": Two minute drill. The offense was playing so poorly and out of sync that the coaches made them start over after running three plays.
4:10 – Full-team 11-on-11s (Third downs).
4:15 – Third down skeleton.
4:20 – 11-on-11s.
4:35 – Some OL, DL, WRs and DBs break off for drills. The rest stay behind and continue 11-on-11s. It was first and second team offense vs. scout/third team defense, and first and second team defense vs. third/scout team offense.
4:50 – Practice ends. Abnormally long post-practice meeting today.

Running with the 1s on Day 20, complete with practice notes:
QB: Ryan Katz
RB: Malcolm Agnew
Split End: Brandin Cooks
Slotback: Jordan Bishop
Flanker: Obum Gwacham
Tight End: Colby Prince
Left Tackle: Mike Remmers
Left Guard: Michael Lamb
Center: Grant Johnson
Right Guard: Burke Ellis
Right Tackle: Colin Kelly

Left End: Taylor Henry
Left Tackle: Andrew Seumalo
Right Tackle: Castro Masaniai
Right End: Scott Crichton
SLB: Cameron Collins
MLB: Feti Unga
WLB: Michael Doctor
LCB: Jordan Poyer
S: Anthony Watkins
S: Lance Mitchell
RCB: Rashaad Reynolds

Defensive Note:
Both DE Scott Crichton and LB Cameron Collins returned to their usual spots with the 1's on defense after sitting out yesterday's practice.

Linebacker Notebook:
Robinson: Backup SAM linebacker Rueben Robinson has now been out for a week with back issues. Riley said he is hopeful that he'll be ready for games.

Welch: As I speculated yesterday when Riley announced there would be seven true freshmen who will not redshirt, today he may have confirmed that D.J. Welch will be one of them.

Riley: "When D.J. Welch is back, he will be in the mix. He was a great frontline backup before he got hurt."

"(Welch) will be ready for the season; he's not going to miss the season. He might miss the (Sacramento State) game but he's going to be ready for the season."

With all three outside linebackers (Collins, Welch, Robinson) dealing with injury issues, Shiloah Te'o and Shaydon Akuna will probably be seeing more of the playing field than originally anticipated in the early going. Collins is still the starter, but there's a lot of uncertainty around those outside ‘backers health-wise.

Riley: "The one thing I wish we were deeper at is tight end and linebacker. If all of our linebackers were healthy, we'd be O.K. We still need more players, there's no doubt about it."

Quarterback Notebook:
Katz: This entire week has felt like a good day followed by a bad day from the quarterbacks. Today was a bad day for the QBs, particularly Katz. He was holding on to the ball far too long in the pocket, making errant throws, not being on the same page with receivers on routes.

In one play in 11-on-11s, Katz sat in the pocket for a good seven seconds before throwing a lazy pass to his tailback, only to be picked off by Cameron Collins.

Mannion: Third-string QB Sean Mannion did not look sharp today. He threw two interceptions today. To be fair, one was an up-for-grabs Hail Mary pass in the two minute drill portion.

Running Back Notebook:
Agnew: Malcolm Agnew did finally see some time with the second-team today. Agnew had been running with the 1's for the last four practices. Riley said he's not ready to make an announcement on the tailback rotation until next week but all signs have been strongly pointing to Agnew as the starter.

Jenkins & Stevenson: From practice today, I gathered the feeling that either Jordan Jenkins or Jovan Stevenson are going to serve a third-down back role. Both were with the first team during two minute drill, which were all passing situations out of no-huddle. Jenkins and Stevenson have probably the best hands of all the backs.

Wide Receiver Notebook:
Wheaton: Markus Wheaton sat out of practice today.

Riley: "(Wheaton) had a little strain in his hip flexor so I held him out today."

Gwacham: "Boom" Gwacham saw the most reps with the first-team in Wheaton's place. He made some solid catches in his stead, but once again there were times that Gwacham makes you scratch your head. He almost ran into Cooks on a deep route about 30 yards downfield, and receivers coach Brent Brennan worked with him to get his routes and spacing down better.

Rodgers: James Rodgers was working with the punt returners in the early part of practice for the first time this fall camp. No word on who will have return duties for the Beavs, but Rodgers, Wheaton, Poyer, and Terron Ward are all in the mix.

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