MIKE RILEY AFTER the loss to Sacramento State touched on the Oregon State quarterback situation and more..

Mike Riley
On the quarterback situation...
"We had planned to play Sean Mannion. We were going to get him into the game at some point. We were going to do it in the second quarter, but we thought we better stay with Ryan Katz, try to get something going. It's something we've been talking about for at least a week. We thought it would be very important for our team and for Sean to play some."

On the game overall...
"The team is very, very disappointed not winning the game, and that's what we have to live with. Tomorrow, we have to go on to the next game.

"We'll take some things away from this game, like Malcolm Agnew rushing for this yardage. We can then build on this and carry over to the next game.

"But the ultimate thing right now is we lost the game, and so we'll digest that and look at ways not to do that again, and then enhance some of the good things we were able to do."

On the strong offensive line performance in the second half...
"I think that's something we can build on. They got some confidence, so we made running plays, the quarterback made timely passes, and we came from way out of our own end and moved the ball.

All of those things are really positive. It's going to be a hard loss to live with, but we have to go on."

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