Beavs win Nail Biter in Madison

ONCE AGAIN, YOUR Dear Leader hears reports of inaccurate record involving Oregon State Glorious Beavers. Lucky for you, Dear Leader here to set record straight and provide honest recap of last week 35-0 nail biter of victory over Wisconsin Honey Badgers. You are welcome.

Oregon State defense stuffed talented running backs Montee Ball and James White early on and force Wisconsin to go to air where Oregon State secondary take care of business like a big boss.

Sean Mannion took most of snaps for Ryan Katz who take some time off to rest sore wrist after throwing for so many yards last week. Katz say next time he will ice wrist instead of get into hot tub in Dear Leader lair. "Football first," Katz declare.

Mannion connect on 35 of 38 passing for pretty good day. "I missed those 2 throws and the other one I threw so hard it knocked Boom Gwacham out of bounds. My bad, I will get better." Coach Riley all smiles: "Sean did a nice job, made some good throws, he will keep working on his game and maybe not miss those three passes next time."

Game was real nail biter with Beavers desperately clinging to 21-0 lead at halftime.

Coach Riley fired up, said he expect more out of Dear Leader favorite team. Craziest moment ever in college football game set up stern test for Beaver defense when Coach Read dare punter Johnny Hekker to kick ball backwards a few yards instead of normal 80 yard punt. Coach Banker ruffle scamp Hekker's hair and say "OK, but we will still stop them."

Beaver Defense stand tall to no one's surprise and intercept ball in end zone. Eighty yards later Sean Mannion deliver game winner to Brandin Cooks for final score of 35-0, and humble freshman Cooks was very proud.

Coach Riley was very pleased with Beavers performance and remark "Just good football" with smiles in his eye.

Please, with regretfully, no questions. Depend on Honest Beaver for self evident truths.

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    Chad Luther and Kevin Stuck grateful to have been permitted to contribute to this report.

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