THE BEAVS ARE having just as much trouble trying to sort through the loss to UCLA as the OSU fans are. QB Sean Mannion, CB/PR Jordan Poyer, WR Jordan Bishop, S Lance Mitchell and WR James Rodgers all weigh in following a tough defeat at the hands of UCLA...

Redshirt Freshman Quarterback Sean Mannion On Jordan Poyer's performance:
"Jordan Poyer did a great job for us before the half, putting points on the board with the punt return. Throughout the game, we made a bunch of good plays. We had two blocked field goals and one of them gave us a chance to tie the game. I always feel like we have a chance to win, all the way down to the end."

On his touchdown pass to Jordan Bishop:
"It felt good. That was a huge play; it got us back within striking distance. But unfortunately, it's in a loss. You have to play with a short memory. You have to play -- forget about it and move onto the next one. We have to make another one. If it's a bad play, we just have to move on and make the next one better."

On how they started the second half after the momentum shift at the end of the first:
"We were moving the ball on them. We just had to put a bunch of plays together, and just keep those drives going and get points. I think in the second half, we just have to build on that, start getting in the redzone."

Junior Cornerback Jordan Poyer
On the punt return in the first half:
"All ten guys threw great blocks. It wasn't just me. I'm just out there running the ball. Jovan Stevenson took the block that set me free."

On going into halftime:
"We were up. Everybody was pumped up. We believed we were going to win the game. And that's how you need to come in the locker room at halftime."

Junior Wide Receiver Jordan Bishop
On the touchdown:
"It was an angle route and after I released the linebacker I saw that Sean Mannion hit me with the perfect pass. As soon as I turned the corner, I saw that the corner was blocked and I just trusted my speed. I thought I was going out of bounds, as I was leaning out of bounds I wanted to make a play so I made sure I made it count as a touchdown."

On having James Rodgers back on the field:
"Having James back not only opened up for me, but for other guys as well. He brings a tremendous amount of energy to this team. And same with Joe, they do a great job at being vocal."

On the team's desire to win:
"No one wants to win more than the guys in that locker room and the coaching staff. They put so much time and energy into this team. I feel like this could be a good ball club, we just have to watch more film and take it from there."

Senior Safety Lance Mitchell
On the confidence and momentum OSU had at the beginning of the game:
"We were showing up and doing what we were supposed to. We've got some good backs."

On the toughest part of the loss:
"The loss itself was the toughest. It is hard to find the good out of a loss. We are 0-3 and that is hard. We have a lot of our season ahead of us and a lot of work to do. That is the good part of this."

On what is missing with the team:
"I think that we just have to put it all together. We have our good spots and then some spots that we need to clean up. We need to show up with all eleven guys and see the game, then have our back guys make plays on defense. When we get all of that together, I think we will have a different outcome."

Senior Wide Receiver James Rodgers
On being back on the field:
"Felt pretty good being out there to compete with my teammates."

On any injury thoughts after first reception:
"I wasn't thinking about my knee. I am playing, so the main thing that I am thinking about is doing my job. I would not have been out there if my knee had been hurting."

On thoughts about next road game and breaking the losing streak:
"It is going to take a lot of execution. Mistakes and turnovers can't happen. Those factors can determine a win or a loss. I think that if we can go out and execute then we shouldn't have a problem."

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