Injury report and more from Mike Riley

THE OREGON STATE injury report and more, as the Beavers get ready to take on Nick Foles and Arizona this week.

Mike Riley said that Sean Martin has a broken bone in his foot and will be out 4 weeks.

Markus Wheaton, bruised shoulder, should be able to practice Tuesday.

Sean Mannion, right shoulder, should be able to practice Tuesday.

Keynan Parker, dislocated finger, should be able to tape it and practice.

Taylor Henry still healing up, hopeful for this week.

-- "We don't really want to be that 66-passes team. The penalties (13 by OSU) almost half of them had to do with handling their pass rush," said Riley.

--On Mike Remmers, Riley simply said there was a lot of good pressure brought by the ASU end and left it at that.

--"Five hour game," joked Riley on the coming game Saturday, when considering how much OSU and Arizona threw it this past week.

--"We probably should have run more," said Riley on Sunday.

--Riley said he was pleased with the defensive front, and the opportunistic defense with the turnovers.

--The fumbled punt, the punt return for the TD, the shank punt by Johnny Hekker are big in Riley's mind, things that OSU has to clean up. On the fumbled punt, the Beavs had only 10 men on the field, Riley didn't identify the player who was missing.

--Protection, running game, fewer turnovers are things Riley said they need to try to clean up before even starting to think about matching up with Arizona.

--Riley said OSU is going to have to cover very well and make a lot of preparations because Nick Foles will throw it all over the field. "He is really a good passer…a good guy too, I've gotten to know him a little through the media events…they're never out of it the way he can throw the football," said Riley.

--"I'm looking forward to getting back to working with this team. We'll start on Tuesday."

--"I just reminded him where the ball was being placed," Riley said of his exchange with kicker Trevor Roamine after the missed OSU field goal. "I think he'll be a very good kicker for us down the road…obviously I hated that he missed that field goal for us but he's very capable."

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