Riley looks back at Arizona, ahead to BYU

OREGON STATE WENT to Jovan Stevenson early on against Arizona and didn't look back. The third-year sophomore gained 99 hashes on the ground Saturday which begs the question -- with Malcolm Agnew still questionable after injuring his hamstring in Week 1, is Stevenson now the guy?

-- Mike Riley said he wasn't sure where Jovan Stevenson was health-wise and if he would be able to practice starting on Tuesday. But, he was asymptomatic for concussion symptoms on Sunday, said Riley.

-- Riley said he didn't want to say whether Stevenson was the starting running back at this point.

--Riley said RB Malcolm Agnew (hamstring) could practice on Tuesday. The same could hold true for OG Josh Andrews (knee).

--Riley said TE Colby Prince (knee) and LB Cameron Collins (shoulder) should be okay to play and practice.

--Riley said S Lance Mitchell's play was even more impressive given that he has an abdomen issue and other ills that he continues to battle through each week.

--Riley said of the little he's seen BYU, the defense hits hard, runs hard and give lots and lots of looks, many of them out of the 3-4.

--Riley said he didn't anticipate such a slow start and once they got into it, he just wanted to try and get better each week – and he said they accomplished just that, they got a little better each week until they got a win.

--Riley said it "feels kind of funny" to have a non-conference game here in the second week of October but he said they're in a week-to-week approach and they're looking to get that second win.

--Riley said one of the more important things from film study is trying to determine formations and looks.

--Riley said he has a lot of respect for what Mike Stoops has done workwise, in total, at Arizona and he feels for him in going through a tough time so far this year.

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