Beavs continue to air it out

MIKE RILEY TALKS at length about it every week – the need for balance between the run and the pass, and how the Beavers really need to run it more this Saturday. And then, almost without fail, the Beavs go out and throw it around like they're a run and shoot team.

Inside a football game, you're trying to make first downs and score points – you're not worried about the number of times you run or pass it. Still, it's hard not to cast a wary eye in Oregon State's direction as to their playcalling.

Why? In all but one of their six games, OSU has called for more than 40 pass attempts.

Yes, teams that are behind are going to throw more often. But that doesn't really fit the Beavs' season, nor a game like last week's for Oregon State.

Just when everyone expected Oregon State to return to form this past week, coming off a game where they at least in the ballpark of balanced, (35 rushes, 43 passes) in their lone win against Arizona, the Beavs went back to the air.

Against BYU, the Beavs trailed 24-21 headed into the final quarter. And yet they rushed the ball only 23 times, while Sean Mannion threw it on 43 occasions.

Take away the sacks and reverses, and OSU running backs carried the ball only 18 times last week. Again, this was a tight game into the fourth quarter.

WSU hasn't exactly been running it to daylight either, but at least they haven't had a game where they rushed the ball 14 times while throwing 66 pass attempts (ASU).

Expect a lot of passes this week.

But unless something suddenly clicks for either team in a way it hasn't the first part of the year, don't necessarily expect a lot of points.

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