RILEY: Attitude, growth and opportunity

MIKE RILEY SAID on Tuesday the Beavers need balanced defense, as well as offense, if they are to win against Stanford on Saturday. Riley emphasized the Beavers will need to play physical football throughout the contest. On Stanford's three tight end set, Riley agreed that it is not an automatic run situation and Stanford will throw out of that jumbo set. Here's what else he had to say..

Mike Riley said he'd love to run the ball a lot on Saturday but Stanford has one of the better run defenses around and the Beavers are going to have to "mix it up."

Riley said he told the Beavs Tuesday morning during a 7:45am meeting that they have a month left in the regular season and stressed it's all about attitude, growth and opportunity down the stretch.

In going from a big win to a disappointing loss, Riley didn't want to directly blame it on the youth of the team. He said "Whatever it is, it hits you right between the eyes. You can never assume anything. I think that's a trap, ‘Now, we've got this.'"

On the frustration level for him and his staff, Riley said it comes after the game and then they put it away and move on. "You can't let the last loss beat you again. That's an old adage…but it's the same thing after a win…A football coach has to love the preparation."

On if OSU needs to make major changes, Riley said they continually tweak things but major changes during the season is often a recipe for poor play. "You're just not going to reinvent the wheel during the season."

Riley noted the fly sweep and reverse game averaged 10 yards a carry last game, but no one really noticed that because of the way the Beavs lost.

Riley said the Beavs can't give Andrew Luck a steady diet of the same things or he'll adjust and burn them.

Riley said the motivation isn't in terms of what a potential win would do to the other team, it's about what it can do for the Beavs.

Riley said the turnover battle is key, as is the Beaver offense sustaining drives and keeping Stanford off the field.

"Our short term goal is to win this weekend…and then obviously growth for players through time is the key ingredient to success in a program," said Riley.

Riley said about Sean Mannion, the biggest positive he brings besides being a good passer are poise and toughness.

Riley said last year's film on Stanford is applicable, but going back two years, when the Beavs beat Stanford, is probably not with Stanford making various changes since then.

Asked to comment on Lane Kiffen's 10K fine and how difficult it is not to say what you're thinking after a tough loss as a coach, Riley said ‘Well I guess Lane proved how hard it is."

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