Riley looks back at Stanford, ahead to Cal

MIKE RILEY SAID on Sunday the biggest injury questions will be if they get Feti Unga and Grant Johnson back, as well as Jordan Bishop. It will probably be a few days before they have a better feel on if they'll be able to return.

Jovan Stevenson and Tony Wilson look probable, said Mike Riley.

"I'll be interested to see what the league says about it," said Riley of the Jordan Poyer hit. "There will be a major discussion in the offseason (on that rule)," said Riley.

"We've got to find ways to do better in our inside running game…I have to give Stanford credit…but we missed some blocks," said Riley.

Riley said they can't be satisfied with the game still being in the balance into the fourth quarter. "All we did was really hang in there," said Riley. "We were not as consistent as we need to be and we started slow."

With OSU now no longer eligible for a bowl, Riley said they won't go to a wholesale sitting of older guys for younger guys. He said they can do their best to get a win while at the same time building for the future.

Riley agreed that upcoming opponent Cal has a lot of talent, more than their 5-4 record might suggest. ‘We understand that we have a big job (ahead) and we know they have a lot of talent there."

On Trevor Romaine's struggles on Saturday, he said the problem was low trajectory. "We'll just continue to work on that," he said.

Riley said the sacks on Sean Mannion were primarily due to failure on the o-line. One was a coverage sack. "Overall, I think he played very well."

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