Beavs need return of The Tank vs. UW

OUT OF SIGHT and out of mind. It's what Joe Halahuni has been in the OSU passing offense these past few weeks. If the Beavs are going to win their final home game of the season against UW, two things probably need to be in play…

Joe Halahuni and the middle of the field.

True, the Beavers like to route Halahuni to the sidelines a good deal, too. But the middle is where he has his best chance resides to make UW's defense pay.

But that presupposes getting Halahuni the ball, and that's not something OSU has done much of lately. He's had five catches in the last three games. In the five previous contests, he had 19 catches. And even then, it felt like he needed more.

There are arguments that can be made. You keep him home to max protect. You go to Markus Wheaton and your receiving corps, who can make the bigger yards. He wasn't open.

BUT HALAHUNI IS such a weapon, he makes it so hard for linebackers to cover him, the Beavers need to start looking his way. And time is running out on this season.

The middle of the Husky pass defense has been susceptible this year. And If Halahuni starts tearing it up over the middle, that will pull defenders in and the sidelines, and the home run balls, will open up even more.

Halahuni's game high is five receptions this year. His best in receiving yards, 41 hashes.

Seven grabs for 107 yards this weekend, that feels about right. Sounds like an Oregon State victory, too.

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