SPRING DAY 5: LBs excel, Agnew sits out

CORVALLIS -- The coaches' intensity on Tuesday was the highest its been all spring, and the hitting was definitely the most violent. Both defense and offense had their moments on a day dedicated mostly to running the football, mixed in with some passing. The biggest storyline was the absence of RB Malcolm Agnew, who sat out all of team drills with what Mike Riley called a "tight hamstring."

Malcolm Agnew did run and participate in latter drills with a trainer, but his health is once again a question mark. Agnew had hamstring problems virtually all last year, and from as far back as high school.

Players wore full gear for practice on Day Five.

Practice Snapshot:
2:45 Players stretch, QB's warm up arms
3:00 Special teams/individuals
3:20 Special teams, PAT/field goals (Trevor Romaine kicked well, making all but one field goal on this day.)
3:30 Individuals
3:45 Team offense/Team defense
4:25 11-on-11 (Full contact)
5:00 7-on-7

Depth Chart, with Day 5 practice notes

Offensive Line (The thin line continues to struggle with both pass and run blocking. Had a good period during 11-on-11 in which Ward and Woods managed consecutive long gains running through big holes. The line did also surrender at least four sacks on the day, however.)

Left Tackle:
Justin Addie (Continues to get all of the first team reps with Kelly out.)
Colin Kelly (Only participated in individual non-contact drills)

Left Guard:
Josh Andrews

Center: (Sapolu continues to hold a clear edge at this point.)
Roman Sapolu (Seems to make the least amount of errors among the struggling offensive line.)
Jake Welch

Right Guard: (Still no clear starter at this position and no player has clearly distinguished himself to the point.)
Mike Beaton
David Vieru

Right Tackle:
Michael Philipp (Continues to be the talk of the offensive line. He's showed flashes of the talent that brought him to OSU. But he also continues to be inconsistent in pass blocking.)
Derek Nielsen

Wide Receivers (The receivers looked solid again, and continue to be one of the most consistent positions early in the spring. "Particularly good downfield blocking from our receivers, which sprang some guys loose today, which is very good to see," said Riley.)

Brandin Cooks (Looked even better than Wheaton on this day. Consistently beat DB's down the field and caught every ball within reach.)
Micah Hatfield (Sat out with a head injury for the second straight day. Should return in the next couple of practices, Riley said.)

Split End:
Markus Wheaton (Continues to show good chemistry with Mannion.)
Richard Mullaney
Geno Munoz
Jeff Bedbury

Obum Gwacham (Gwacham always seems to be close to making the spectacular play, but never quite making it. The potential is glaring, but whether or not he can hone it in before remains to be seen.)
Kevin Cummings (Blocked well down the field all day, springing two long runs for Woods.)
Mitch Singler
Kramer Ferrell
*Jordan Bishop (Continues to participate only in individuals.)

Tight Ends/H Backs ("Those young tight ends having to block Dylan Wynn have had trouble, which is no easy task, but it's been good for them. They're real good receivers, but blocking is part of it too," said Riley.)
Colby Prince (Like Smith and Agnew, also sat practice out with a tight hamstring.)
Connor Hamlett (Had a couple of nice catches, but was also stripped on one occasion.)
Tyler Perry
Kellen Clute
Caleb Smith (Sat out with a strained hamstring, but is expected to return later this week.)

Running Backs: (With Agnew sitting out with the tight hamstring, Woods and Agnew received most of the reps. Woods was particularly impressive on this day, ripping off multiple long runs, including a 45-plus yard run in which he ran over Ashton on route to the end zone. "The defense is still dominating on the inside runs, but our backs hit creases hard today and had some nice runs," said Riley. "I like the progress all of those guys are making.")

Malcolm Agnew ("It was kind of surprising because he made it through the whole offseason program and four practices. I was surprised to hear that the hamstring was tight today," said Riley.
Storm Woods ("If he continues to progress, knows what he's doing, and doesn't screw up the plays he's going to be right in the mix. He's really impressive physically," said Riley.)
Terron Ward (It looks like Woods might be a bit ahead of Ward on the depth chart at this point, but is still too early to tell for sure.)
Jordan Jenkins
*Jovan Stevenson (Practiced in individual drills again but ran separately on the sideline during team while still recovering from injury.)

Quarterbacks: (Mannion was solid again on this day, but Vaz struggled at times throwing into double coverage including a couple of interceptions that were forced.)

Sean Mannion (Continues to display good chemistry with Wheaton and Cooks.)
Cody Vaz (Threw interceptions to Poyer, Reynolds and Audiss.)
Jack Lomax
Richie Harrington

Defensive Line (The defensive line continues to dominate the offensive line. It's clear they are the more experienced bunch at this point, and have pretty much had their way up to this point. In addition to four sacks, the d-line stuffed inside run plays all practice.)

Left Defensive End
Scott Crichton (Had a sack after blowing by Addie in 11-on-11.)
Devon Kell
Rusty Fernando
Lavonte Barnett

Left Defensive Tackle
Mana Rosa (Got the first team reps for the injured Masaniai. Got constant pressure up the middle.)
Joe Lopez
Brandon Bennett
*Castro Masaniai (Wasn't at practice for second straight day.)

Right Defensive Tackle
Andrew Seumalo (Stopped the run very well.)
Desmond Collins
Mana Tuivailala
Noa Aluesi

Right Defensive End
Dylan Wynn (Has physically dominated the offensive line all spring. He's overpowered the tackles with a combination of power and speed.)
Rudolf Fifita
John Braun
Na'Alii Robins
*Blake Harrah (Continues not to participate due to injury)

Linebackers: (The linebackers on this day looked the best they have all spring. Michael Doctor and D.J. Welch were especially good on the outside, chasing down running backs on stretch plays as well as shutting them down in the passing game. Mike Riley seemed especially impressed with Doctor.)

SAM Linebacker
D.J. Welch (Had the best day of all the linebackers in coverage.)
Jabral Johnson (Was ran over by Woods on one play, but was otherwise solid.)
Will Storey
Kyle Egan

MIK Linebacker:
Feti Unga (Was great all day in stopping the run -- and did even better defending the pass.)
Rueben Robinson
Josh Williams
Jaswha James
Kyle Gardner
Charlie Gilmur

WIL Linebacker:
Michael Doctor
Cade Cowdin
Shaydon Akuna
Zeke Sanders

Secondary: (The secondary combined for three interceptions -- and nearly had three more. Poyer and Reynolds were particularly impressive at the corners getting a pick each and breaking up a couple of other pass plays.)

Left Cornerback:
Jordan Poyer (Picked off Vaz deep after it appeared he might be beaten by Cooks.) Keynan Parker (Continues to sit out with sprained ankle)
*Larry Scott

Ryan Murphy (Was very good in run support on this day.)
Peter Ashton (Was absolutely leveled by Woods on a run, but rebounded with a near interception later in the practice.)

Tyrequek Zimmerman
*Anthony Watkins (Seems confused in coverage at times, but the coaches seemed encouraged with his progress.)
Micah Audiss

Right Cornerback:
Rashaad Reynolds (Had an acrobatic interception on the sideline, and nearly came up with two more.) Sean Martin (Got a good amount of reps and was all over receivers. Looked really good in man-to-man coverage.)
Malcolm Marable
*Brian Watkins

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