SPRING BALL DAY 8: Crossing the mid-point

CORVALLIS – Spring Ball at OSU crossed the halfway point with players wearing shells and helmets, which meant the team 11-on-11 period was a little less physical than usual. The secondary continues to be an impressive unit, with safety Ryan Murphy arguably the biggest standout at this point.

Freshman tailback Storm Woods was back at practice after a concussion and looked good on Monday. And he continues to look like the best receiver of the backs.

Markus Wheaton and Brandin Cooks also continued to impress as did Obum Gwacham, another receiver who expects to see playing time come fall.

Practice Snapshot:
2:45 Players stretch, QB's warm up arms
3:00 Special teams/individuals
3:20 Special teams, PAT/field goals
3:30 Individuals
3:45 Team offense/Team defense
4:05 11-on-11 (Full contact)
4:45 7-on-7

>b>Depth Chart, with Day 8 practice notes

Offensive Line (Still unclear as to how many of the guys on the current roster this sprig will be starters when the fall rolls around due to low numbers and injury. One thing's for certain, the young recruits that will be in Corvallis for Fall Camp will have chances to crack the rotation and possibly start at the beginning of the year.)

Left Tackle:
Justin Addie (Continues to get all of the first team reps with Kelly out.)
Colin Kelly (Only participated in individual non-contact drills)

Left Guard:
Josh Andrews ("I think it's big that he be a leader for us," said Mike Riley. "More than anything he just needs to be a good example for all of the young guys as we head into fall camp.")

Roman Sapolu
Jake Welch

Right Guard:
Mike Beaton
David Vieru

Right Tackle:
Michael Philipp
Derek Nielsen

Wide Receivers (Outside of Wheaton and Cooks, guys are still fighting for playing time. Everybody has looked good all spring and there's no clear frontrunner of the second tier guys at this point. Everybody has had moments at some point this spring, and that was the case again on day 8.)

Brandin Cooks ("He'll be a big part of this offense for sure," said Mannion. "He has track speed and he's so good after the catch, he could break one at any moment.")
Micah Hatfield

Split End:
Markus Wheaton ("He's going to have an awesome season," said Mannion. "Markus had such a great year last year and he's looked even better this spring.")
Richard Mullaney
Geno Munoz ("I've been impressed with Geno Munoz," said Riley. "He's made some plays this spring for sure.")
Jeff Bedbury

Obum Gwacham ("I think Gwacham has made a ton of plays this spring," said Riley. "I think he could fit into things in the fall.")
Kevin Cummings ("He's played a couple of plays and done real well," said Riley. "He plays everywhere and he's so tough. He'll be a good player.")
Mitch Singler
Kramer Ferrell
*Jordan Bishop (Still not fully practicing, but he did shave his braided hair, going for the more conventional buzzed look.)

Tight Ends/H Backs (All of the tight ends have looked good to date, but no one has stood out -- much like the running back position. Right now Prince would probably get the edge as the starter because of his experience, but that could change once the fall rolls around.)
Colby Prince (Sat out with the hamstring injury.)
Connor Hamlett
Tyler Perry
Kellen Clute
Caleb Smith ("He's made a good first impression. He has a lot to work on but physically he's fitting right in," said Riley.)

Running Backs: (One optimistic way of looking at it? The battle for the starting position is going to be very exciting in the fall. It seems at this point that there is no clear starter. Any one of these guys could potentially earn that role.)

Malcolm Agnew (Had a pass bounce off of his chest which led to an interception.)
Storm Woods (Fully practiced again after sitting out Saturday's practice with a concussion. Showed some good hands.)
Terron Ward
Jordan Jenkins
*Jovan Stevenson (Is beginning to participate more in contact drills but still isn't fully back.)

Quarterbacks: (Mannion continues to impress with his accuracy, especially throwing deep on fade routes. His chemistry with Wheaton especially has looked phenomenal thus far.)

Sean Mannion ("There's a lot of areas to improve but we're at a good place right now," said Mannion. "I'm excited about our weapons and what we can do in the passing game this year.")
Cody Vaz
Jack Lomax
Richie Harrington

Defensive Line (It's hard to tell if anyone has an edge in terms of playing time in the middle at d-tackle, because though there is contact, it's not generally full to the ground. One thing that has been evident is the play of the defensive ends, however. Crichton and Wynn don't look like they will experience any kind of a sophomore slump this year.)

Left Defensive End
Scott Crichton
Devon Kell
Rusty Fernando
Lavonte Barnett

Left Defensive Tackle
Mana Rosa
Joe Lopez
Brandon Bennett
*Castro Masaniai

Right Defensive Tackle
Andrew Seumalo
Desmond Collins
Mana Tuivailala
Noa Aluesi

Right Defensive End
Dylan Wynn
Rudolf Fifita
John Braun
Na'Alii Robins
*Blake Harrah (Didn't participate)

Linebackers: (The outside linebackers played really well on Monday, breaking up passes over the middle and maintaining good coverage on running backs.)

SAM Linebacker
D.J. Welch (Like Doctor, broke up a couple of passes across the middle and looks like one of the fastest players on the field, even at the linebacker position.)
Jabral Johnson
Will Storey
Kyle Egan

MIK Linebacker:
Feti Unga
Rueben Robinson
Josh Williams
Jaswha James
Kyle Gardner
Charlie Gilmur

WIL Linebacker:
Michael Doctor (Batted a Mannion pass high into the air and then tracked it down picking it off. Continues to look fast in coverage.)
Cade Cowdin
Shaydon Akuna
Zeke Sanders

Secondary: ("Ty [Zimmerman] and Murphy look great out there," said Riley. "They're ball hawks and playmakers. I've been real impressed with the whole secondary, especially today.")

Left Cornerback:
Jordan Poyer (Continues to be the Beavs' best corner and is being pegged among the best the conference will have to offer this season. He has been beat at times by Wheaton and Cooks, but is that because those two guys are just that good as well?)
Keynan Parker (With the current players that are practicing and not injured, Parker has gotten a lot of first team reps and it looks like him and Sean Martin could be battling for playing time especially in nickel formations.)
*Larry Scott

Ryan Murphy (Murphy had another interception in the 11-on-11 period. It seems as though he gets at least one every single practice and could be a key staple of this defense.)
Peter Ashton (Riley has liked the play of both Ashton and Zimmerman this spring.)

Tyrequek Zimmerman (Had a diving interception and seemed to be flying around even more than usual. As a converted wide receiver it might take time for him to fully make the transition, but after redshirting last year it looks like he's finding his stride in the secondary.)
*Anthony Watkins ("He's been great helping out the young guys while he's out," said Riley. "He's done everything we've asked of him and will be ready to go mentally when he gets back from injury.")
Micah Audiss

Right Cornerback:
Rashaad Reynolds
Sean Martin (Looks to be competing with Keynan Parker for possible playing time when the fall rolls around.)
Malcolm Marable
*Brian Watkins

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