SPRING DAY 12: Gwacham at home in red zone

CORVALLIS -- Players wore helmets, shells and shorts on Day 12, which featured red zone action and a strong performance by Obum Gwacham. The lanky receiver won multiple jump balls and looked the very definition of an inside the 20-yard line scoring specialist. Both offense and defense spent much of practice installing new formations and plays. Mike Riley also talked about Saturday's Spring Game.

"I think it's going to turn out pretty good, I think it will be a good show for the fans. We're thin on the offensive line but I think we might be able to get 50 plays in and we'll do full special teams too," said Mike Riley.

Practice Snapshot:
2:45 Players stretch, QB's warm up arms
3:00 Special teams/individuals
3:20 Special teams, PAT/field goals
3:30 Individuals
3:45 Team offense/Team defense
4:05 11-on-11
4:35 7-on-7
4:50 11-on-11 Red zone

Depth Chart, with Day 12 practice notes

Offensive Line (Had a tough time in pass protection on Day 12, but held their own in the run game. It's still difficult to try and make educated guesses on who's going to get the majority of playing time at every position once the fall arrives.)

Left Tackle:
Justin Addie
Colin Kelly

Left Guard:
Josh Andrews

Roman Sapolu
Jake Welch

Right Guard:
Mike Beaton
David Vieru

Right Tackle:
Michael Philipp
Derek Nielsen

Wide Receivers (Gwacham was the stand out receiver on this day, winning multiple jump balls and showing that he can use his elite size to his advantage. Wheaton and Cooks had success as they always have seemed to this spring, and Mullaney had a good practice as well.)

Brandin Cooks
Micah Hatfield

Split End:
Markus Wheaton (Ran the fly sweep on a couple of plays. It looks as though the Beavers will utilize both Wheaton and Cooks to get on the edge with the end around play.)
Richard Mullaney
Geno Munoz (Out with concussion like symptoms)
Jeff Bedbury

Obum Gwacham ("He can be a red zone weapon, there's no doubt about it," said Riley. "If he goes to the right place he can make plays. He has more learning than all of the wide receivers because he's playing two positions full time, but he's doing a nice job with it. He's a viable player at either spot. He'll be a competitor for Bishop this fall, no doubt about it.")
Kevin Cummings
Mitch Singler
Kramer Ferrell
*Jordan Bishop

Tight Ends/H Backs (Caleb Smith is beginning to get more reps now that he knows a little bit of the offense, but Connor Hamlett continues to be the most impressive. Still no separation at the position though, all of that will likely play out in the fall.)

Colby Prince
Connor Hamlett (Got the biggest reaction of the day from the fans and his fellow teammates when he laid out cornerback Sean Martin after catching a pass over the middle en route to the end zone.)
Tyler Perry (Out with concussion like symptoms and is expected to miss the spring game.)
Kellen Clute
Caleb Smith

Running Backs: ("There are some things in my mind that I'm thinking about the running backs but I'm not going to say anything without telling them first," said Riley. "I'm going to let it play out in fall camp to see if anyone can separate themselves from the group. It will be about a body of work and not any particular day.")

Malcolm Agnew (Had a nice run that included a spin move through a tight hole.)
Storm Woods
Terron Ward
Jordan Jenkins
*Jovan Stevenson

Quarterbacks: (Mannion looked particularly accurate throwing on the run. He connected on timing patterns with Cooks and Wheaton, threading the ball through traffic while rolling out to the left. He's not the most athletic guy in the Pac-12, but he has the ability to make those types of plays on the run in addition to what he can do in the pocket.)

Sean Mannion
Cody Vaz
Jack Lomax
Richie Harrington

Defensive Line (Scott Crichton was back at practice and the defensive line had success getting pressure on Mannion and Vaz during the 11-on-11 periods. Dylan Wynn made a couple of good plays on the edge and up the middle.)

Left Defensive End
Scott Crichton (Returned to practice after missing Saturday's to attend a family function.)
Devon Kell
Rusty Fernando
Lavonte Barnett

Left Defensive Tackle
Mana Rosa
Joe Lopez
Brandon Bennett
*Castro Masaniai (Won't participate in the spring game on Sunday but should be 100 percent for the fall and has looked good in the drills he has participated in thus far.)

Right Defensive Tackle
Andrew Seumalo
Desmond Collins
Mana Tuivailala
Noa Aluesi

Right Defensive End
Dylan Wynn (Wynn made plays all practice, including a bull rush on Andrews that resulted in him being knocked back into Vaz and ruining the play. Wynn looks noticeably bigger than last season, and has added bulk to be more physical.)
Rudolf Fifita
John Braun
Na'Alii Robins
*Blake Harrah

Linebackers: (The linebackers had a lot of success covering running backs out of the backfield. Robinson broke up a couple of passes deep down the field in man coverage on Agnew and was particularly impressive.)

SAM Linebacker
D.J. Welch (Sat out practice with a pulled hamstring. It's unclear whether or not he'll participate in the spring game.)
Jabral Johnson
Will Storey
Kyle Egan

MIK Linebacker:
Feti Unga
Rueben Robinson
Josh Williams
Jaswha James
Kyle Gardner
Charlie Gilmur

WIL Linebacker:
Michael Doctor
Cade Cowdin
Shaydon Akuna
Zeke Sanders

Secondary: (Rashaad Reynolds had a great day in coverage, intercepting two passes and nearly a third. Poyer was also great, particularly during the red zone period, breaking up three straight attempts in the back of the end zone.)

Left Cornerback:
Jordan Poyer
Keynan Parker
*Larry Scott

Ryan Murphy
Peter Ashton

Tyrequek Zimmerman
*Anthony Watkins
Micah Audiss

Right Cornerback:
Rashaad Reynolds (If Reynolds can play like he has this spring, the starting tandem of him and Poyer could be one of the best in the Pac-12 conference.)
Sean Martin (Martin's had a great spring and turned a lot of heads, but did so for the wrong reason today when he was absolutely flattened by Hamlett trying to make a tackle.)
Malcolm Marable
*Brian Watkins

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