Post-Spring Analysis: Wide Receiver

BIG THINGS ARE expected from the wide receiver corps this year at Oregon State. So how did they look this spring? And, beyond the headliners, is there one of those sleeper-types that Beaver Nation should keep their eye on?

Andrew Kilstrom covered every single one of the 15 spring practices for BF.C. We asked him to lend some of his observations about the Beavers' wide receivers coming out of spring drills.

Markus Wheaton: Just about everyone around practice was talking about how he's ready to challenge to be the best receiver in the Pac-12. And I saw nothing that conflicts with that opinion. Wheaton is just on a different level, he dominated much of the time and seemingly caught at least one long TD every practice. As long as he stays healthy, the defense is going to have their hands full and it should open up other things for the Beavs as well.

Brandin Cooks: I absolutely loved Cooks -- he is electric. I think they really want to get the ball to him out in space, he showed some things this spring that led me to believe he can be even better than James Rodgers was out in space in his prime. The one thing with Cooks, he does still need to work on running good routes. But if he gets that nailed down, he can be as good or better in the receiving game as Quon was for the Beavs.

Obum Gwacham: I was not sold on him at all for about two-thirds of the spring. He's going to get playing time, there's no doubt about that. Mike Riley is so high on him, his size is great. But I just didn't see him winning balls consistently for the first 10 practices. But the last 5 practices were a different story, particularly in the red zone. The question is did he turn a corner, or will he be great one play, not so great the next. That's the thing, and there's more evidence to be gathered yet in fall camp before I'm sold.

Richard Mullaney: Riley is also high on Mullaney. He looked this spring like he can definitely be that possession guy. He doesn't make spectacular plays like Wheaton or Cooks, but he's comparable to Shane Morales but he's faster. He had a thumb injury at the end of the spring and how lengthy a rehab period it will be is unknown at this time.

Kevin Cummings: This is my guy to watch. He was the best run blocker this spring, and that counts for a lot with coaches. He always seems to catch the ball when it's thrown to him and he's not scared of going over the middle. He's definitely a sleeper-type and he should have gotten more ink this spring. .OSU has some athletic, speedy talent in the wide receiver corps but Cummings could be a scene stealer this year if things fall right.

Micah Hatfield: He was solid, both in catching the ball and when he was called upon to run the fly sweep. He doesn't drop many passes. Hatfield may be more of a complementary piece this year but if injury should hit the ranks, he looked like he was ready to step in and potentially make an impact.

Geno Munoz: He a good job this spring, as did pretty much all the WRs. He's very sure handed, runs good routes and he's one of the better blockers downfield. The same holds true with Munoz as it does with Hatfield, he's well capable of making plays when called upon. What OSU has this year is not only front line playmakers, but some depth to work with too.

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