MIKE RILEY isn't talking about who in the Oregon State backfield post-spring might be separating themselves in the battle at running back. But we will.

Andrew Kilstrom covered every single one of the 15 spring practices for BF.C. We asked him to lend some of his observations about the Beavers' running backs coming out of spring drills.

Storm Woods
If you want to tab someone as the favorite, he's it. He just looks different with the football in his hands than do the rest of the guys. And this spring, he finished the runs in a way the other running backs did not -- certainly not with the consistency Woods did. He's also the best receiver of the group. He's got to be No. 1 or 2 going into fall camp, assuming all things equal over the voluntary summer workouts. Out of all the running backs, he would be in the lead right now in my opinion.

Malcolm Agnew
The thing with Agnew, he's probably most explosive coming through the hole. And Mike Riley puts a premium on that. But he does have the hamstring issues, they affected him last year and they affected him in spring ball. So that's a concern. Once you get into the season, do you give all the No. 1 reps to a guy that could be re-injured at any moment? One drawback to Agnew, he was not a great receiver out of backfield this spring, many balls bounced off his chest. Have to think that's a top priority for him to be working on in summer skelly and on his own.

Terron Ward
He's probably the most dependable, solid running back the Beavs had on the field this spring. Ward is the guy you give it to when you need a yard, he refuses to take a loss. At the same time, he's not going to break off the long runs for you. He's not a breakout type of back, like Woods or Agnew. But he'll get the tough yards.

Jordan Jenkins
He's similar to Ward in that he's solid and dependable -- Jenkins and Ward showed this spring they are probably the top backs in that area. And Jenkins is the best pass blocker, by far, among the group. He didn't show the ability like Woods to bust off a long one this spring or have that big play potential about him. Riley does thinks highly of him, though.

Note: Jovan Stevenson was limited this spring. Highly regarded incoming freshman Chris Brown arrives in the fall.

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