THE BEAVER D-LINE has some star power with a pair of d-ends who could be as good as anybody in the Pac-12. And the Beavs had a good spring on the defensive line. So how much of that was because the Beavs had few bodies to go around on the offensive line?

Andrew Kilstrom covered all of the 15 spring practices for BF.C. We asked him to lend some of his observations about the Beavers' defensive line coming out of spring drills.

Scott Crichton and Dylan Wynn
Crichton and Wynn had their way with the offensive line this spring. They had at least one "sack" every practice between the two of them. If there's an area to nitpick, they were solid in the run game but not spectacular, with others starring in that aspect. But there was little question the two d-ends are the anchor up front for the Beavers. Both excel in the pass rush. Both are quick and Crichton picks really good angles to beat his man. Wynn is relentless.

Andrew Seumalo
He was the only guy that truly stood out at that right defensive tackle spot. He was a step ahead of everyone else there. Granted, not a lot of people stood out on d-line due to work they were doing – there was less contact because of the o-line numbers. But Seumalo was among those who had a great spring game.

Castro Masaniai
He got in some drill work and he should be ready to go 100 percent in the fall. The Beavs need him to not only be healthy at the start of fall camp but to stay healthy. He came in heavy but was rounding into much better shape by the time the spring came to a close.

Mana Rosa
Mark Banker is high on Rosa, saying this spring he's one of best on the line. What Rosa did well this spring was clog up middle – and he did it consistently.

Joe Lopez and Brandon Bennett
Both got in some good work on the interior this spring. Bennett could be in the projected rotation if he continues to develop in fall camp.

Devon Kell
Riley and Banker like Kell and say they expect him to be in the rotation behind Crichton and Wynn. He did his best work this spring against the run.

Rusty Fernando
Fernando did a good job against the run, too. How much of that was due to poor offensive line play is debatable, but he help stuff the inside runs consistently this spring.

Lavonte Barnett
. He has some work to do to solidify a spot in the d-end rotation but there were flashes that made you think he might be about to turn a corner.

Na'Alii Robins
Moving to d-end this spring, he showed some good swim moves and the ability to fly around. He's still learning and developing but d-line coach Joe Seumalo indicated he was pleased with his progress this spring.

Rudolf Fifita
His improvement was among best of anyone on the team. I was impressed by his speed -- he had really good contain on outside. He was good in pass rush too, had a good number of "sacks" and he showed off lots of speed moves.

Desmond Collins
Keep him in mind for fall camp. Sat out the spring with a broken bone in his foot but Seumalo is very, very high on him. Athletic and explosive, if the the 6-2, 270-pounder is 100 percent for fall camp, and Banker expects him to be, he figures to earn significant playing time this year and could have an impact year.

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