Riley issues statement on offseason issues

AFTER A THIRD Beaver was arrested early Saturday morning by Corvallis police on an accusation of second degree trespassing at Impulse Bar and Grill, a nightclub near the Oregon State campus, Mike Riley issued a statement.

Mike Riley issues the following with regards to recent events..

"We have had a few legal issues as of late with a handful of members of our football team. This behavior is totally unacceptable and the appropriate discipline started immediately with each event and future incidences could result in exclusion from our football program."

Jordan Poyer, one of the top corners in the Pac-12, was arrested on Saturday and took to Twitter to tell his side of things.

"It was no barfight, ppl that know me know im not like that. Big misunderstanding on what really happen, but it is what it is.." said Poyer in the tweet.

Two others, one a current and one a former player, chimed in:

Brandin Cooks: that's how it is bro! People switch up the whole incident into what they want. Don't let em knock your grind.

James Dockery: don't worry about it bro, Just strap on that island and all this is small potatoes.

Lt. Tim Brewer of the Corvallis Police Department said in the Oregonian that Poyer was detained by Impulse security after trespassing on the property. Impulse had reportedly banned Poyer from the club after a Feb. 5 incident. Brewer said the police report noted that "a male had been fighting with club security," and added that Poyer "knew he wasn't supposed to be there."

It was unclear from his statement what male had been fighting with club security and/or if that had anything to do with Poyer.

Poyer is the third OSU player to get in trouble at Impluse this month. On May 10, defensive backs Malcolm Marable and Ryan Murphy were also cited by Corvallis police.

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