Test Your OSU Football Knowledge

There are many people who claim to be Beaver football believers. Sure, they proudly drink their coffee at work from a Beaver mug, have Beaver decals cluttering their car windows, and fly a Beaver flag on game day. But smothering your personal belongings with the Beaver logo does not make you a Beaver fan. So, it is time to put your orange and black knowledge to the test with eleven questions every hardcore Beaver football fan should know.

1. Who is Oregon State’s only Heisman Trophy winner and what year did he win the trophy?
Quarterback Terry Baker won the Heisman trophy in 1962 after leading the Beavers to a 9-2 record and a birth in the Liberty Bowl played Philadelphia versus the University of Villinova. Baker solidified his Heisman credentials by scampering 99-yards for the only touchdown of the bowl game. The Beavers won 6-0.

The Oregon native was the first player west of Texas to win the prestigious award and is still the only player in the Pacific Northwest to have won the award. During his Heisman season, Baker led the nation in total offense with 2,276 yards, which consisted of 1,738 yards in the air and 538 yards on the ground.

Baker was named to eleven All-American teams and won the Sportsman of the Year Award from Sports Illustrated. He added to his illustrious ’62 season by helping the Beaver basketball team go 24-5 en route to a berth into the NCAA basketball Final Four. Baker is the only player in college sports history to win the Heisman trophy and appear in the NCAA basketball Final Four.

This man is the state of Oregon's only Heisman trophy winner.

2. How many times have the Beavers defeated the Ducks?
This one is a toughy, but all true Beavers should be able to guess within five wins how many times the men in black have defeated the Ducks. Oregon State has defeated the uglies down south 43 times including three of the last five years. The Beavers currently have a three-game home winning streak against the Ducks that dates back to the 1998, 44-41 double overtime victory.

3. In what year did the Beavers defeat number one USC, number two Purdue, and tie number two UCLA? What is the nickname given to that record setting team?
The Beavers defeated or tied three top three teams in 1967 earning the record-breaking team the nickname, “The Giant Killers.” Oregon State traveled to the University of Purdue and defeated the second ranked Boilermakers, 22-14. Two weeks later the football team traveled to Los Angeles where they tied the second ranked UCLA Bruins 16-16. The Beavers then returned home to Corvallis the following week to face the number one ranked team in the nation, the USC Trojans. Backed by the sensational running back O.J. Simpson and an undefeated record, the Trojans entered Parker Stadium on a high note, but left with a 0-3 loss to the Giant Killers.

4. What football head coach has the highest winning percentage at OSU (minimum four seasons at OSU)?

This coach has the highest winning percentage as a football coach at OSU.

Dennis Erickson has the highest winning percentage as an Oregon State football head coach with a .645 (31-17) mark over four years. He led the Beavers to three bowl games in four years, including a berth into the 2000 Fiesta Bowl where the Beavers dominated the University of Notre Dame.

Close behind Erickson is legendary head coach Tommy Prothro with a .630 (63-37-2) mark. During ten seasons in Corvallis, Prothro led the Beavers to two Rose Bowls, had a Heisman trophy winner in 1962, and started a winning tradition at Oregon State.

5. What game strategy did Oregon State use for first time in a football game?
The huddle. Records clearly indicate that Oregon State was the first school to use the formation in a game. The first time the Beavers used a huddle was in 1918 during a contest against the University of Washington.

Beaver head coach Bill Hargiss was frustrated after watching the Husky players listen to all of the Beavers’ plays. At halftime, he told his players to stand 10 yards behind the ball and whisper to one another what they were going to do next.

6. What is the name of the play that OSU used in 1933 to block placekicks?
The pyramid play. According to Bill Tomsheck, a player on the 1933 football team, the play originated as a prank, but was soon developed into an official play by coach Lon Stiner. The play consisted of hoisting 6'5" center, Clyde Devine, onto the shoulders of 6'2" tackles Harry Fields and Ade Schwammel, from which point he could reach out and knock down any ball headed for the goal posts.

The NCAA banned the Pyramid play within the year.

7. Match the following players and teams with their nicknames:

Bill Enyart
Dennis Weathersby
Jack O’Billovich
1967 team
Tommy Prothro’s football teams
1933 team

Mad Dog
The Black Bandits of Benton County
The Iron Men
The Giant Killers
Lazy D

Answers: Bill Enyart - Earthquake; Dennis Weathersby - Lazy D; Jack O'Billovich - Mad Dog; 1967 team - Giant Killers; Tommy Porthro's teams - The Black Bandits of Benton County; 1933 team- Iron Men

8. Who scored the final touchdown in the 1998 Civil War?

Record setting back Ken Simonton scampered seventeen yards into the wet end zone surrounded by thousands of jubilant Beaver fans. Then Beaver broadcaster Darrell Aune called one of Oregon State football’s most memorable plays: “Second down at the seventeen. Smith gives the ball, the run to Simonton, to the fifteen, first down, to the ten, to the five HE SCORES!! BEAVERS WIN THE CIVIL WAR! IT IS BEDLUM AT PARKER STADIUM. WOOYOO!!” The Beavers won 44-41 in double overtime.

This back helped the Beavers win the Civil War in '98.

9. What team did the Beavers defeat in 1999 guaranteeing a winning season for the first time in 28 years? Bonus: What was the score?
Oregon State defeated the University of California Golden Bears 17-7 on November 11, 1999 guaranteeing a winning season. The Beavers finished the season 7-5 after losing 23-17 to the University of Hawaii in the Oahu Bowl on Christmas Day. The Oahu Bowl was the Beavers first bowl game in 35 years.

10. What rodent took center stage in 2000 during a home game against USC?
An opossum stole some of the Beavers’ spotlight as it emerged from the east end zone, running 100-yards to the west end zone to the raucous cheers of the home crowd. The opossum won “Play of the Year” at the annual Benny Awards in June of 2000.

11. What team did the Beavers defeat in the only Rose Bowl played on the East coast?
The Beavers defeated the heavily favored Duke University Blue Devils in the 1942 Rose Bowl, commonly known as the “Displaced Rose Bowl.” The game was played in Durham, North Carolina instead of Pasadena, California because of wartime restrictions after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Bleachers were borrowed from neighboring universities increasing the capacity of the stadium from 35,000 to 50,000 spectators. Over 50,000 tickets were printed and sold in three days. The Beavers turned in a gritty performance on a cold, rainy day defeating the Blue Devils 20-16.

The Duke quarterback was Tommy Prothro, who later coached at Oregon State and would lead the Beavers to multiple Rose Bowl appearances.


How did you do? Here’s a chart to figure out if you bleed black and orange or prefer the sight of mustard yellow and metallic green.

  • 10 correct. You need to get a life.
  • 7 – 9 correct – A Beaver believer.
  • 4 – 6 correct -- Beaver fan, but not a fanatic.
  • 1– 3 correct -- Pseudo Beaver Believer.
  • 0 correct -- Closet Duck fan.

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