Pac-12 / Big Ten deal falls through

OREGON STATE IS still going to play at Michigan in 2015. But the ensuing Pac-12 / Big Ten scheduling partnership, announced in December and set to begin in 2017, is dead in the water.

The Pac-12 approached the Big Ten in March according to a report on ESPN and said several of its members had reservations about a mandatory scheduling agreement.

Ultimately, at least four Pac-12 schools decided they would not accept mandatory scheduling, says ESPN, which did not identify the schools or cite sources. Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany acknowledged in a statement the strategic collaboration "will not be consummated."

The original deal in December was to step up interconference scheduling, cross-promote on respective television networks and set up academic and cultural exchanges.

By 2017, each team's nonconference football schedule was to include one game against a team from the other league, tying the conferences to one another throughout the regular season and in all sports, though football and basketball were the primary focus.

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