PRACTICE 1: Andrews & Ike lead way for OL

CORVALLIS--The opening session of the Beavs' first two-a-day is in the books, a session that saw the offensive line make progress. Some of the more apparent position battles continued when the wideouts and defensive backs went head to head and there's mostly good news on the injury front, including a piece of news on a WR. Here's a deeper look at some of the happenings on the OSU gridiron..

Injury Report Day 6 (Part 1):
Wide Receiver: Redshirt freshman Richard Mullaney returned to practice today and did not seem to be favoring a hand injured in yesterday's practice.

Receivers coach Brent Brennan noted yesterday that the injury could have been serious, surmising that Mullaney may have even broken his hand after making contact with a fellow teammate's helmet during drills. But Mullaney appears to be okay, he got the go-ahead from trainers to play ball today.

Tight End: Sophomore Tyler Perry did not participate in drills and was not in pads due to a strained quadriceps in his left leg incurred early yesterday afternoon. However, Perry was running up and down the sidelines doing some work of his own -- probably more of a precautionary measure on behalf of the training staff.

Freshman Caleb Smith also left early – "He is being checked for the symptoms of a concussion," Mike Riley said.

O-Line: Freshman offensive lineman Gavin Andrews left practice early today for reasons unknown – Andrews looked to be slightly disoriented as he made a slow exit with a member of the training staff and did not return to the field.

Defense: Senior safety Anthony Watkins is still sitting out (hip flexor) as are senior defensive end Rusty Fernando and redshirt freshman Naji Patrick (muscle strain in groin/upper leg regions).

Position Changes/ Tweaks:

Tyrequek Zimmerman stayed with the 1's while Watkins nursed his hip, and continues to display quick feet and a strong sense of read and react.

With Smith and Perry out until further notice, sophomore Connor Hamlett and redshirt freshman Kellen Clute saw more play with the 2's today and managed to help establish a few good blocks for the likes of running backs Jordan Jenkins and Terron Ward.

Practice Notes:

Quarterback: Sean Mannion and Cody Vaz split time today on the 1's and both had some really nice passes despite the occasional heavy gust of wind.

Vaz showed both a powerful arm and some accurate zingers to the likes of Kevin Cummings, Terron Ward and Brandin Cooks. Mannion still looks good, but he struggled on a few of his deep throws, overthrowing Cooks once and Obum Gwacham twice.

Tailback: In a surprise twist, Malcolm Agnew did not see much time on the 1's and 2's today, and neither did Storm Woods. Riley said that it is just part of the practice rotation, and not a significant indicator of the future – yet.

As a result, Jenkins and Ward both received the bulk of the handoffs, with Chris Brown getting some carries here and there.

Tight End: Senior Colby Prince had a good first half of practice today. He looked crisp during opening drills with the tight end unit under assistant Jay Locey. Prince also displayed improved blocking ability at intervals and managed to grasp a few tough passes from Mannion and Vaz.

Wide Receivers: For the first time since fall camp started, Gwacham and Cummings got more looks (not necessarily on the 1's) and passes thrown in their direction than Cooks and Markus Wheaton.

Since this is, as Riley noted, just a typical rotation shift during the first week, it may also be that the coaches are attempting understand their depth chart a little better. Micah Hatfield also got quite a few looks today, and impressed Brennan on a couple difficult catches after starting off with two drops and some poorly run routes.

Mullaney also got some looks, and managed to catch a few – but he also had a few easy drops. Whether it's due to a sore hand or lack of concentration was anyone's guess.

O-Line: All in all, this was one of the better practices for the O-Line.

The defense threw some exotic blitz packages their way and for the most part, the line held strong and seemed more than capable of coping with the amount of speed coming off the edge from defensive ends and ‘backers alike.

True freshman Isaac Seumalo, who has really looked the part his first week in an Oregon State uniform, and Josh Andrews both managed to pancake blitzers and open up holes for the tailbacks to ease through.

Signs of progress that will remain throughout the fall? Or is the offensive line just getting tired of Mike Cavanaugh breathing down their necks?

D-Line: Despite some aggressive, good play from their counterparts on the offensive side of the ball, the D-Line also had their moments.

Castro Masaniai and Andrew Seumalo stuffed some holes in the middle, and even when the ball carrier did slip past them, both were quick to react and release from their blocks to help out.

Masaniai is quicker on his feet and just looks a bit more fluid out there in the field than he has in the past.

Linebackers: How does Mike Riley really feel about his linebacker corps six days into fall camp?

"You know, I don't know yet," Riley said, pausing to consider his next words. "I think we have some speed – speed is great because playing in space is a big deal (for linebackers.) Now it comes down to them being able to use their speed according to their assignment and just being right there."

The ‘backers looked a little rusty today and allowed a few too many short passes to slip by them.

Secondary: Ryan Murphy and Zimmerman performed at a high level of play today. Murphy and Gwacham "shared a catch" on a pass from Vaz and Murphy proceeded to wrestle the ball from Gwacham's hands and turn it back the other direction for a few yards.

Murphy has looked really strong and agile during the first week and continues to make an impact wherever he can.

Depth Chart Day 6 (Session 1):
OL: OT Michael Philip – OG Josh Andrews – C Isaac Seumalo – OG Grant Enger – OT Colin Kelly

QB- Sean Mannion - Cody Vaz - Richie Harrington

RB- Jordan Jenkins/Terron Ward (ß both were in on the 1's & 2's numerous times) Storm Woods/Chris Brown, Malcolm Agnew

FB- Clayton York

WR- Markus Wheaton - Brandin Cooks - Kevin Cummings/Obum Gwacham

DL- DE Dylan Wynn – DT Castro Masaniai – DT Andrew Seumalo - DE Scott Crichton
OLB- Michael Doctor (Weakside) – D.J. Welch (Strongside)
ILB- Feti Unga/Rueben Robinson
CB- Jordan Poyer – Rashaad ReynoldsSean Martin/Ryan Handford/ Naji Patrick
S- Tyrequek Zimmerman (Free) – Ryan Murphy (Strong)

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