OSU FALL CAMP REPORT: Day 7, Session 1

CORVALLIS – At the end of the first practice on Monday, the Beavers got a good, long talking-to from Mike Riley. On a hot and humid day, Oregon State got some fresh players a little rotation time on both sides of the ball. There are updates on injured Beavs and more…

Mike Riley wrapped up the day letting the Beavs know he was displeased at the lack of concentration. There were too many offsides and players not practicing in a way so as to improve for the season, not just look good on a drill or play when they know what's coming.

Injury Report Day 7 (First session)
"We have a couple of "concussion symptom" guys," is the way Mike Riley put it.

He was referring to three freshman players – offensive lineman Gavin Andrews, tight end Caleb Smith and safety Chris Miller. All three sat out today, at practice in their jerseys but remaining on the sidelines. Riley indicated that their injuries were not very serious, indicating they will return to practice in the near future – when deemed eligible by the training staff.

Anthony Watkins continues to sit out with a hip flexor strain. Watkins did wear his cleats and even ran some basic drills with the secondary early into practice, but remained helmetless throughout and did not participate in contact drills.

Tyler Perry also remained on the sidelines. Riley mentioned Perry's injury as groin related although it could (also) be a quadriceps strain incurred last week, with the ice packs and wraps he sports during practice on his left quad. Regardless, Perry appears to be working out some kinks – he is running and stretching, but not actively involved in all the drills with the tight end corps yet.

Rusty Fernando remained without pads, the result of a groin injury.

Position Changes/ Tweaks
Part of today's first practice saw a lot of player shifts, primarily on offense. Some 1's were on the 3's, and some 4's were on the 2's. This allowed for Jordan Jenkins and Chris Brown to get some needed practice time in.

Terron Ward saw the bulk of the carries, while Jenkins and Brown saw not only carries but short pass plays as well.

The defensive front on the other hand, did not see quite as much tweaking, but the areas in which it did are notable – Tyrequek Zimmerman, who for the last three practices has been filling in at free safety for the injured Watkins, switched it up with Ryan Murphy and took the strong side (with Murphy moving to free safety).

Both looked comfortable in the switch and didn't let too many passes get by them once 11-on-11's started up.

Sophomore Jabral Johnson saw some looks on the 1's at the strongside position held by D.J. Welch.

With Smith and Perry sitting out, the tight ends were already spread a little thin when it came time to effectively rotate some of their players. Freshman tight ends Ricky Ortiz and Dustin Stanton received some solid looks from Richie Harrington – Stanton showed up in the pass game, getting some air and pulling down a lofty pass from Harrington right before Riley called the final huddle.

Redshirt Kellen Clute and sophomore Connor Hamlett saw the most time on the 1's and 2's.

This was the first practice where Roman Sapolu got a few more snaps from center than Isaac Seumalo when it came to game drills. Sapolu looked a bit rocky here and there (allowing DT Castro Masaniai to slip through the middle twice) but all in all he did a good job blocking and delivered some clean snaps.

Practice Notes Day 7 (Session 1)
Offense: Quarterback
– Richie Harrington and Brent Vanderveen have spent most of their time running drills against the defense thus far. But today was a slightly different story with Riley wanting to mix up the rotation a little bit.

Harrington and Vanderveen saw a good amount of play time today. Both will need a considerable amount of work before they can play with the comfort displayed by Sean Mannion and Cody Vaz – yet both have the basic skill set to be consistent quarterbacks.

Tailback - As mentioned earlier, Ward saw the bulk of the carries, with Jenkins and Brown following suit. Ward is one of the toughest guys the Beavs have on the offensive depth chart. For a shorter player, he has a big presence and doesn't stop moving his feet until he is brought the ground.

Ward also has pretty stellar ball control and an ability to sneak through small holes that few other players can. The running back battle between him, Storm Woods and Malcolm Agnew continues.

Tight End - Stanton is a big, physical tight end who knows how to catch the ball – a good recipe for future success if Stanton can learn all the P's and Q's of in Riley's offense.

But small successes aside - the entire group blocked poorly today, at times very poorly.

"It could be technique, a lot of it is probably technique," Riley said. "They've got to sustain the blocks – and that's probably it, in a nutshell. We have got to be able to hit the right guy and stay on the block until the ball gets past him."

Wide ReceiverObum Gwacham improved slightly on his ability to secure the ball. Richard Mullaney and Micah Hatfield both got a lot of air time today and made some really nice plays over the middle.

Hatfield displays good cutback speed and an ability to make a move to the ball that gets him there just a split second before the defender nearly every time.

Gwacham and freshman wideout Malik Gilmore were both dynamic players in the red zone. Their size (and catching zone) makes them prime targets on some patterns in particular.

Defensive Line:
Dylan Wynn and Masaniai looked great today.

Both worked hard during individual drills and really crashed the lines during 11-on-11's to make some good tackles on Ward and Brown.

Wynn even took part in a little coaching after Noa Aluesi missed on a poorly executed one arm tackle, giving Aluesi tips on how to improve that part of his game.

Linebackers: Johnson looked pretty comfortable on the strongside today when he filled in for Welch here and there.

Johnson is a bit bulkier than the rest of the starting ‘backers, but he moves well and has a great finish on his tackles.

Michael Doctor also looked impressive during the first practice session.

Secondary: Switching up the safety spots between Zimmerman and Murphy today on the 1's could hold intrigue down the road, (or it could be a one-and-done.)

What makes it potentially compelling is that the Beaver secondary has been of the most versatile units, if not the most, and it shows when freshman like Peter Ashton and Micah Audiss step in and make big plays on the 2's and 3's (as they did today).

Depth Chart Day 7:
QB- Sean Mannion, Cody Vaz, Richie Harrington/Brent Vanderveen

TB- Terron Ward, Jordan Jenkins, Chris Brown, Malcolm Agnew/Storm Woods

FB- Clayton York/Tyler Anderson

WR- Obum Gwacham, Markus Wheaton/ Micah Hatfield &Richard Mullaney, Kevin Cummings/Brandin Cooks

TE- Kellen Clute, Connor Hamlett

OL- OT- Justin Addie OG - Josh Mitchell/ Josh Andrews C -Roman Sapolu/Isaac Seumalo OG- Grant Enger OT – Derek Nielsen

DL- DE Dylan Wynn – DT Castro Masaniai – DT Andrew Seumalo - DE Scott Crichton

OLB- Michael Doctor (Weakside) – D.J. Welch/ Jabral Johnson (Strongside)

ILB- Feti Unga

CB- Jordan PoyerRashaad ReynoldsSean Martin/Ryan Handford

S- Tyrequek Zimmerman (Strong) – Ryan Murphy (Free)

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