CORVALLIS – If you only looked at the stat sheet, the offense had a decent day overall in the second official scrimmage of fall camp – but was that also the case on the lines? Penalties were a factor, and the session couldn't be called crisp. Still, plenty of good things to talk about. A comprehensive rundown on Day 14 of fall camp at Oregon State…

"We got in a lot more plays than I anticipated – so that was a good thing," said Mike Riley. "We put some special teams in there and that was good to get on film. We did what we needed to do today."

Ever the optimist, Riley put on a solemn expression when asked how the day went overall.

"Whereas last week's scrimmage was pretty clean, this one had a lot of penalties. Looked like a lot of offside and holding penalties defensive. It's all about clean up right now, and that usually means that you aren't in good position. (What's needed) is just more detail. That's what this football business is all about - learning something then detailing it."

Injury Report Day 14:
Safety Anthony Watkins made a full return today but did not resume his usual place on the 1's alongside Ryan Murphy – not unexpected given the lengthy absence.

Sophomore wideout Obum Gwacham remained on the sideline with a foot injury he obtained early yesterday afternoon. Riley said he is expected to return within the next three days.

WR Kevin Cummings played a good portion of the day until the fifth or sixth drive when he landed hard on the turf after attempting to make a catch – a teammate stepped on his arm in the scramble and Cummings remained out for the remainder of the day. He too, is expected to return before Friday.

CB Jordan Poyer sat out, but not necessarily due to injury. Riley said Poyer would likely not participate because the bulk of the practice was dedicated to giving some less seasoned players a shot to look their best.

OL Derek Nielsen remained on the sideline, but was practicing blocking drills shortly after practice ended.

WR Micah Hatfield also did not participate.

First Drive: The 1's
Depth Chart: Drive No.1


Quarterback: Sean Mannion

Tailback: Malcolm Agnew, Storm Woods

Fullback: Tyler Anderson

Tight End: Colby Prince/ Connor Hamlett

Wide Receiver: Markus Wheaton (X), Brandin Cooks (Z), Richard Mullaney (Slot)

Offensive Line: OT- Michael Philipp OG - Josh Andrews C - Isaac Seumalo OG- Grant Enger OT – Colin Kelly

Defensive Line: DE – Dylan Wynn, DT – Castro Masaniai, DT – Andrew Seumalo, DE Scott Crichton

Linebackers (OLB): Michael Doctor (Weak), D.J. Welch (Strong)

ILB: Feti Unga (or Taumoepeau)

Cornerbacks: Brian Watkins/Sean Martin, Rashaad Reynolds

Safeties: Tyrequek Zimmerman (Free), Ryan Murphy (Strong)

(Starting Whistle)
Kickoff from the 30 yard line by Trevor Romaine, returned by Malcolm Marable to the 29 yard line.

First & Ten - Mannion passes to Mullaney for a gain of 10 and a first down.

First & Ten (ball on 39) – Mannion passes to Agnew – pass dropped by Agnew.

Second & Ten: Mannion drops back, has time –overthrows Cooks by a yard or two, pass incomplete.

Third & Ten: Mannion passes to Mullaney for a gain of 12 and a first.

First & Ten (ball on oppositions' 49) – Woods in for Agnew – Woods runs the ball for a gain of two.

Second & Eight – Woods run for six negated due to a holding penalty by a member of the offensive line.

(Repeat second down) Second & 18 – Mannion drops back, looks for his No.1, sees nothing, moves to his right to avoid the rush, finds Prince for a gain of 16.

Third & Two – Handoff goes to Woods – gain of a yard and a half.

Fourth & Inches (ball on the 22) – They go for it. Mannion hands the rock to Agnew, gain of a yard and a first.

First & Ten (ball just past the 21) – Agnew again, pushes forward for a yard.

Second & Eight – Mannion gets the ball out to Prince, gain of three.

Third and Five – Mannion would have been sacked here, but an early jump by a defensive lineman gives the offense first down and ten off a five yard penalty.

First & Ten (ball on the 12) – Woods slices through defensive line, breaks a tackle, and surges into the end zone for a touchdown.

PAT – Romaine from 25 yards out – misses.

Second Drive: The 2's
Depth Chart: Drive No.2


Quarterback: Cody Vaz

Tailback: Terron Ward/Malcolm Agnew/Storm Woods

Fullback: Clayton York/Tyler Anderson

Tight End: Tyler Perry, Connor Hamlett/Caleb Smith

Wide Receiver: Brandin Cooks (X), Kevin Cummings (Z), Malik Gilmore (Slot)

Offensive Line: OT- Justin Addie, OG – Josh Mitchell, C – Roman Sapolu, OG – Gavin Andrews/ Jake Welch, OT Nolan Hansen

Defensive Line: DE – Rudolf Fifita/Dylan Wynn, DT – Mana Rosa, DT – Joe Lopez, DE – Devon Kell/John Braun

Linebackers (OLB): Shaydon Akuna (Weak), Jabral Johnson (Strong)

Cornerbacks: Ryan Handford, Tyler Hasty/Larry Scott

Safeties: Anthony Watkins (Strong), Steven Christian/Chris Miller (Free)

(Whistle blows)
Kickoff by Romaine, returned by Marable for what would have constituted a touchdown - Riley and crew call it back to the 25 yard line to set up the 2's on offense.

First & Ten – Vaz attempts a throw to Hamlett – pass is blocked by Johnson

Second & Ten – Vaz passes to Cummings for a gain of seven.

Third & Three – Vaz scrambles to his right to avoid quick pressure from Wynn – attempts a throw to Cummings, swatted down by Handford – incomplete.

Fourth & Three – Punt formation – punt by Keith Kostol goes for close to 40 yards, returned by Wheaton for a gain of 15.

(End of drive)

Third Drive: The 1's (1's depth chart)
(Whistle blows)

Kickoff by Romaine returned by Marable to the 24-yard line.

First & Ten – Mannion is swiftly "sacked" by Doctor and Unga (or Taumoepeau) –loss of 10.

Second & 20 –pass to Agnew goes for a gain of 17. Tackle made by Zimmerman.

Third & Three – Mannion finds no one, "sacked" by Wynn, loss of nine yards.

Fourth & 12 – Punt formation – Kostol punts to Wheaton, fair catch.

(Ball goes back to the offense's 25 yard line to set up for the 2's, end of drive)

Fourth Drive: The 2's (2's depth chart)
First & Ten (ball on offense's 25 yard line) – Vaz hands it off – play is negated by a false start on the defense. Gives offense first and five.

First & Five – Vaz finds Tyler Anderson for a gain of nine and a first down.

First & Ten (ball on the 39) -Vaz gives the rock to Woods, gain of five.

Second & Five – Ward in for Woods – Ward runs for a gain of three.

Third and Two – Vaz finds York 10 yards deep with room to run. York picks up an additional eight yards after the reception.

First & 10 (ball on the opposition's 39) -Vaz to Cummings, gain of eight yards.

Second & Two – Agnew in for Ward – Agnew runs the ball for a short gain of maybe three, gives the offense first and ten.

First & Ten (ball on the 28 yard line) – Vaz has plenty of time after a smooth block by Welch. Vaz has at least six seconds in the pocket – finds Smith for a touchdown.

PAT- Romaine - Good

(End of drive)

Practice Notes
The second scrimmage, on balance, was an average day.

If we had to put a number to it they would sit firmly at a 7 on a scale of 10 Mannion and Vaz both performed well despite nearly constant pressure from the defensive lines. Both were poised under pressure. Mannion threw the ball well, but didn't avoid the blitz as well as Vaz did. Both did well in the short passing game.

The run game was fair, but could have been amplified if the offensive line had brought their A-game this afternoon. Agnew, Ward and Woods all had the most success when they ran away from traffic. A few times the tailbacks got caught up in their own blocking formations because the line couldn't open up enough of a hole.

For the most part, the o-line did okay. But they were out performed by the D-line pure and simple – a D-line who seemed to have taken defensive line coach Joe Seumalo's pep talk from yesterday very seriously.

"I think we (the offensive line) are doing some things really confidently," Riley said. "We play hard and fast. Parts of it are good – but I think we blew a couple protections today that were a little disappointing."

The wideouts continue to by the shining jewel of the offense. The routes were crisp, and the whole corps was especially effective in red zone scenarios. Richard Mullaney saw time with the 1's today –if that is the result of the Gwacham injury or the fact that he has had a very good camp is anyone's guess.

Today was an above average day for the defense.

Yes, they let some touchdowns past the pylons but overall they played with more tenacity and quicker reaction than they have arguably all camp.

They weren't perfect by any means – one issue facing the starting linebacker corps of Welch, Doctor and Unga (or Taumoepeau) is how they can overrun targets at times. Unga controlled his gaps better, but Doctor and Welch still were susceptible today.

Masaniai, Lopez, Wynn and Rosa were the defensive standouts of the day on defense.

They were the driving force that put regular pressure on the quarterbacks in the pass game. Wynn had two "sacks", Masaniai and Rosa each had one, and Lopez, while without a "sack" was still effective and very aggressive.

Zimmerman was in on the 1's today instead of Watkins again and he looked ready. Zimmerman made some big stops against the run, preventing breakaway plays from becoming touchdowns.

Murphy also stood out with a pair of pass deflections and some good special teams play.

59 plays (23 rushes, 36 passes)

Storm Woods 13-yard rush
Caleb Smith 27-yard pass from Cody Vaz
Trevor Romaine 40-yard field goal
Storm Woods 4-yard rush
Terron Ward 1-yard rush
Malik Gilmore 15-yard pass from Cody Vaz


Storm Woods 9-52-2; Chris Brown 3-20; Terron Ward 4-15-1; Malcolm Agnew 4-7; Kevin Cummings 1-7; Jordan Jenkins 2-6.

PASSING (Att-Comp-Int-Yds-TD)
Cody Vaz 16-12-0-190-2; Sean Mannion 20-15-0-160-0.

Malik Gilmore 3-57-1; Richard Mullaney 2-41; Tyler Perry 3-40; Caleb Smith 1-27-1; Mitch Singler 3-26; Kellen Clute 1-21; Kevin Cummings 3-20; Terron Ward 1-20; Malcolm Agnew 1-17; Connor Hamlett 2-16; Clayton York 1-15; Colby Prince 2-14; Jordan Jenkins 1-11; Blair Cavanaugh 1-10; Tyler Anderson 1-9; Brandin Cooks 1-6.

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