OSU NUMBER CRUNCH: They must be giants

WITH THE then-unranked Beavers knocking off two Top 20 teams to open the season, it got us thinking. What we found was one thing has held true throughout the Mike Riley era - his Beav teams thrive when they are expected to roll over. Since 2003, Oregon State has played 32 games where the Beavs were unranked and the opponent held a spot in the Associated Press Top 25...

Out of those 32 games, the Beavers managed to pull off 11 upsets (.344 winning percentage). That's actually a pretty darned good upset winning percentage in games OSU was expected to lose and in many cases, lose badly.

Now, with Oregon State ranked this week at No. 18 in the AP poll and Arizona suddenly unranked -- how do Riley-led teams historically perform when they are ranked?

In 14 games, Riley is 6-8 (.429) when his team is ranked in the Associated Press top 25.

And just to illustrate that a little more and for future reference -- Riley's teams are just 1-6 (.143) when both the Beavs and the opponent are ranked. But what is interesting about that – every one of the those games was on the road.

Indeed, Riley has never once enjoyed the advantage of playing in a home game where both the Beavs and the opponent are ranked.

THE LAST TIME Oregon State was ranked and defeated an opponent on the road was in 2009 when No. 20 OSU stomped Washington State 42-10.

THE LAST TIME OSU was ranked in the Top 25 was in 2010 when the No. 24 Beavers traveled north to Seattle. They lost 35-34 in double overtime.

THE MOST CONSECUTIVE weeks Oregon State has been in the top 25 under Riley is four (Nov. 15-Dec. 31, 2008). After the Beavs knocked off the No. 1 Trojans that year on Oct. 5, it took six more weeks before they cracked the Top 25.

BF.C chief number cruncher/evil genius Dan Norz was the key contributor to this report

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