Is Mannion ready to go? How about DirecTV?

DO YOU HAVE the Pac-12 Networks? If so, great! If not, you'll want to make some alternative plans in advance of Saturday's Oregon State vs. Arizona tilt -- and for next week's OSU game with WSU, too. Yep, the next two Oregon State games are on the Pac-12 Networks. Meanwhile, if Sean Mannion's throwing motion looked a little different than usual against UCLA, there might be a reason why..

Mannion has had a sore shoulder, the Oregonian and others reported all week long. Against UCLA, it appeared Manning was laboring a bit on some throws -- as if the football weighed 10 pounds and he was slinging it more than spinning it.

Early this week, Mannion was throwing only lightly, not airing it out or throwing with game-type velocity. But a report yesterday, from, says any concerns on Mannion's health for Saturday "can be put to rest. Mannion will be the starter against the Wildcats on Saturday after he fully participated in practice on Thursday."

Mike Riley had this to say about Mannion following Thursday's practice.

And Mannion had this to say:

MEANWHILE, THOSE WITH DirecTV continue to suffer as the season rolls on and the Pac-12 Networks are nowhere to be found on the satellite provider's lineup. Oregon State fans with DirecTV are about to feel some of that pain the next two Saturdays in a row.

Assuming nothing changes between now and next Saturday -- and when you cut through the spin there has been absolutely no reason to believe it will -- Oregon State fans with DirecTV will be unable to watch the next two Beaver games on TV.

DirecTV said this week there was an opportunity to add the "channel" immediately if the Pac-12 would be more reasonable. The Pac-12 rejected that deal to allow DirecTV to provide it as a stand-alone, PPV option (such as HBO.) Commissioner Larry Scott said last night there was nothing new or substantive to report on DirecTV, that the Pac-12 continues to offer the satellite operator "the same fair offer" that 40-plus other carriers -- including DISH, Comcast, Time Warner and Cox -- have agreed to.

Scott said he continues to hopes a deal will get done with DirecTV and with others who have not yet climbed on board – he has continually encouraged those with DirecTV to contact the carrier and make their voices known via twitter, email, phone calls, etc.

That strategy might be having an effect.

DirecTV's public comments have increasingly taken on a more defensive and adversarial tone, with DirecTV placing the blame squarely on the Pac-12 and taking to twitter to defend their position.

Jon Wilner of the Mercury Press said last week that DirecTV's stand-alone PPV proposal was "a sham" and outlined the reasons why here.

You can also read some of DirecTV's tweets here, here and here. You can listen to Scott's comments from last night here

For those of you who have the Pac-12 Networks on your carrier (and are unable to travel to Tucson tomorrow and/or Reser next week), enjoy. You'll get to see the Beavs the next two weeks on TV.

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