POLLS: BCS Week 2, Beavs are ranked 7/7/9/8/5

OREGON STATE MOVED up a spot to No. 7 in Week 2 of the BCS rankings. In other polling, Oregon State is No. 7 in the AP (not part of the BCS rankings), No. 9 in the USAToday Coaches' poll and No. 8 in the Harris poll. As for the computers, for the second straight week they slotted Oregon State at No. 5...

Ahead of Oregon State (5-0) in the BCS rankings released on Sunday night were, from No. 6 through No. 1:

LSU (7-1), Notre Dame (7-0), Oregon (7-0), K-State (7-0), Florida (7-0) and Alabama (7-0).

Behind the Beavs and rounding out the BCS top ten were Oklahoma, USC and Georgia. The BCS rankings are comprised of three parts -- the Harris Poll, the USAToday Coaches' Poll and six computer rankings. Each counts for one-third of a team's BCS ranking.

The Harris poll moved Oregon State up two spots to No. 8 after the Beavs win over Utah. The Coaches' poll also moved the Beavs up two places, to No. 9. The computers continued to spot the Beavers at No. 5.

Oregon State's computer rankings for Week 2 were:
Anderson & Hester: 3
Richard Billingsley: 7
Colley Matrix: 3
Kenneth Massey: 4
Jeff Sagarin: 6
Peter Wolfe: 4

A week ago, the Beavers' computer rankings were:
Anderson & Hester: 4
Richard Billingsley: 9
Colley Matrix: 4
Kenneth Massey: 5
Jeff Sagarin: 7
Peter Wolfe: 5

  • The upcoming Saturday games have the potential to shake up the BCS rankings. No. 1 Alabama hosts No. 11 Mississippi State. No. 2 Florida hosts No. 10 Georgia. No. 3 K-State plays at No. 14 Texas Tech. No. 5 Notre Dame plays at No. 8 Oklahoma.

  • Oregon State plays at unranked Washington in Seattle on Saturday night. The game will be televised on the Pac-12 Networks.

  • For the complete BCS Week 2 rankings, click here.

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