POLLS: Beavs are ranked 11/13/13/13/8

ALL IN ALL, the Beavs didn't fall as far in the polls and rankings as some expected them to on Sunday after losing on the road to unranked Washington.

Oregon State's BCS ranking on Sunday was No. 11.

Last week, the Beavs were No. 7 in the BCS.

Oregon State was ranked No. 13 in both the AP and Coaches' USAToday polls.

Last week Oregon State was No. 7 in the AP, No. 9 in the Coaches'.

OSU was ranked Nos. 13 and 8 in the Harris poll and in the computer rankings.

A week ago, OSU was No. 8 and No. 5 in the Harris and computers, respectively.

IN THE WAKE OF the loss, one important piece of information has been pushed to the side...

Oregon State still controls its own destiny in the Pac-12.

Win the last four conference games and OSU wins the Pac-12 North and plays in the Pac-12 title game.

OSU faces ASU, Stanford, Cal and Oregon to wrap up the conference slate. Only the Stanford game is on the road.

One other thing to keep in mind -- of the teams that are now ahead of Oregon State in the polls, virtually all of them have difficult tests ahead and some play each other.

In other words, Oregon State can still climb back to where they were, and potentially higher, over the next few weeks -- if they take care of business out on the gridiron on Saturday.

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