Holiday, Alamo, or something else for Beavs?

THE LOSS TO Stanford hurt, no doubt, but Oregon State is still ranked in the nation's top 20 by the metrics that matter and with two games (at least) to go, there's still quite a bit to the story that has yet to be written.

If things play out as expected, if no underdogs win, the most likely scenario is for Oregon State to go to the Holiday or Alamo Bowl.

That said, would a 10-2 Oregon State team really not receive an at-large BCS bowl bid? Sure, the odds are against it, with Stanford, UCLA, USC and Oregon all considered better bets to land a BCS bowl selection than Oregon State. Until the last weeks play out, however, nothing is for certain.

Oregon State is ranked No. 16 in the BCS. A team has to be in the top 14 in order to be eligible. Win out and Oregon State will easily make that margin with room to spare.

The Beavs are ranked No. 15 in the AP poll, No. 16 in the Harris poll and No. 17 in the Coaches' poll.

The computers have the Beavers at No. 12 in the land.

Oregon State plays Cal and Oregon next, both at home. The rescheduled Nicholls State game is scheduled for Dec. 1.

Stanford, ranked No. 13 in the BCS, plays Oregon this week and UCLA to close out their regular season.

UCLA, ranked No. 17 in the BCS, plays USC this week, followed by Stanford.

USC, ranked No. 18 in the BCS, has UCLA and then Notre Dame.

Oregon, ranked No. 2 in the BCS, has Stanford and Oregon State left on the schedule.

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