BF.C Keys to the Game: Nicholls State

WELL HELLO THERE BEAVER NATION and welcome to Keys to Game article with DearLeader. Very sorry that usual writer of things is unavailable but no worry, DearLeader is here for you BeaverNation, and truth be told you all in for a treat from big brain of DearLeader Beav. You are welcome.

Hope you enjoy last week bye after stuffing face full of turkey on US holiday Thanksgiving. DearLeader sure that entire BeaverNation agree sure would have been fun to see Civil War played but unfortunate that Duck such big cheaters so NCAA say "stay home and Beavers to play scrimmage for delight of fans at glorious Reser Stadium".

Also, DearLeader would like to apologize for this article being a tad bit late – Earlier today I discovered a Unicorn Lair, just one of the peculiar natural wonders in backyard. Don't be jelly.

But DearLeader digress. This article about how the Oregon State Mighty Beavers are sure to defeat Nicholls State. Colonels are from Thibodaux, Louisiana and Nicholls State definitely a team to be respected. Little known fact that Nicholls State basically the same team as LSU Tigers but just wearing different uniforms for this week game, but DearLeader on the scene with the real scoop:

Colonels to open 2013 season against Oregon Ducks in Oddsun Stadium. Chipper talk out side of his mouth and refuse to play Mad Hatter because of size, power and speed of Tigers, so crazy ol Les come up with scheme to trick Ducks into playing LSU. Oregon have different uniform combinations, so Miles take it one step further and come up with different university combinations.


Out of goodness of his giant heart, Oregon State Coach Mike Riley agree to play last game of the season against Colonels so that when they play the Ducks, game seem like a walk in the park. Unfortunate for Oregon that they do not have Crack Research Team like DearLeader – they in for big surprise, HO HO HO.

On to the Keys: This game important, important for Beavers to be focus, ready, and maybe even play varsity past first quarter. Let us review:

1 – Defense. First part of game that is important, defensive set. DearLeader consult with Mark Banker briefly, and about to let BeaverNation in on top-secret Key to Game: Use Nickle Defense to beat Nicholl State. It's so simple, should be crime.

2 – Focus. Look, biggest enemy is most often Beavers own selves. Most important thing is not to be like kitty with laser pointer and distract from task at hand. Stick to game plan. No lazer kitties. Mr. Attack of Orange tells DearLeader some of you like visual illustrations so I have provided one here. Look left. You are welcome.

3 – The Plan. Bottom line here that the weather most likely not going to be perfect all day. Bring popups for tailgaters, BeaverNation. Plan on bratwurst because that help you stay warm in the stadium. DearLeader do you a favor and control some weather during game so you will not get soak in stands.

You are welcome.

(We're sorry. We're really sorry. Mr. Orange Attack is off his meds this week and Beav83 has been fanning the flames.. just pat him on the head and tell him you laughed, would you? )

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