An inside look at OSU's young wide receivers

TRYING TO REPLACE a wide receiver, one to one, like the graduating Markus Wheaton is rarely accomplished. His production and skills set is instead spread out among others. Could some of the younger receivers on the OSU roster be ready to make the move into primetime in 2013?

Obum Gwacham (SO – 6-5, 224) I like his height, but I don't like his hands. It has become increasingly hard to tell whether Gwacham's ability to reel in a catch has gotten better or worse since the fall, where he routinely had some buttery gloves. A tall player with the ability to be physical down inside the 20 yard line would be an exceptionally healthy addition to the 2013 OSU aerial attack – but I just don't know if Gwacham is the piece that fits.

I was high on him during the beginning of fall, as were Riley and Co. But Gwacham has shown recognizable signs of confusion regarding routes, and like I mentioned earlier, some suspect hands. Spring ball for him will be huge.

Malik Gilmore (FR – 6-3, 214) Gilmore has done the opposite of Gwacham, and gotten significantly better with practice. Gilmore is a sleeper now in the same way I had Gwacham pegged earlier this year. Good hands, light on his feet, and long arms – plus, plus, plus.

The star quality comes into play when it comes to Gilmore's knack for making big catches in improbable situations. Gilmore always seems to know where the ball is, even if his route is slightly off. The freshman has solid closing speed for a big guy. I see him putting up some healthy competition for the slot position.

J.C. Grim (FR – 6-1, 181) – Has shown marked improvement since the fall in terms of catching and running proper routes. Grim has soft hands and fair speed, but he doesn't really present much of a target. As far as utilizing him goes, it may not happen in the foreseeable future. OSU looks to be going of the way of players that have proven to be far more physical than Grim.

However, Grim poses a striking resemblance to junior Micah Hatfield in terms of measurables, and the latter did see limited action during the regular season. Perhaps Grim will fill a similar role?

Tym Pearson (JR - 6-2, 208) – a recent addition as of fall camp, Pearson kind of floated around the practice field before landing in the receiver corps. While he is listed at 6-2, Pearson looks shorter on the field. He has decent hands, but nothing miraculous. Solid speed at his disposal, as well as strength.

Pearson set some good blocks in the open field during recent practices for tailbacks and fellow receivers. Pearson is one of the bigger guys in the receiver group, and one never knows when a big receiver can come in handy.

Blair Cavanaugh (FR – 5-8, 168) Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Cavanaugh is one of the smaller players on the team. But he has an angry streak, perhaps courtesy of Papa Cav, and runs hard on EVERY play.

Cavanaugh saw some work on special teams alongside Markus Wheaton, Jordan Poyer and Terron Ward. Likely to remain a member of the scout team, given that his measurables don't necessarily scream "football player" – but still… Rudy?

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