OSU Football fourth in Pac-12 APR

ALL 17 OF OREGON STATE's athletic programs are in compliance with the Academic Progress Report guidelines, as the NCAA released its 2011-12 APR figures this week. The OSU football team's four-year average was fourth best in the Pac-12.

Oregon State football posted a 957 four-year average, well above the NCAA's 930 standard. The Beavs' single-year mark for 2011-12 was 958.

Stanford's 978 four-year score in football was tops in the Pac-12, followed by UCLA (966) and Utah (963) and OSU (957).

OSU baseball had the lowest single-year mark of OSU's 17 programs with an 887 mark. But the program's four-year average was 944.

OSU scored a single-year high at 952 last year.

Men's golf, women's golf and softball all scored perfect scores of 1,000.

Oregon State basketball posted a four-year mark of 965, soccer had a 972 and wrestling had a 958.

On the women's side, the four-year average in basketball was 938, while cross country scored 973. Gymnastics scored 982, rowing was 983, soccer was 991 and swimming scored 985.

Track/indoor was 973, track/outdoor was 975 and volleyball was 983.

The APR is an annual assessment of not just each team's academic history -- but also of their retention history. The APR awards two points each term to student-athletes on athletic scholarship who meet academic-eligibility standards and who remain with the institution.

A team's APR is the total points earned by the team at a given time divided by the total points possible. The overall APR score is based on the most recent four years of data (2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12). Every year thereafter, the most current year's data will be added and the oldest year of data will be removed, creating a four-year rolling rate.

  • The APR benchmark for postseason participation is rising in 2014-15 from 900 to 930. That will put a number of major programs in jeopardy if they do not improve their scores in the next few years. Among them are the football programs at Tennessee (924), Louisville (924) and Oklahoma State (926) and the men's basketball programs at Providence (915), Texas A&M (911), Houston (908) and Oregon (918).

  • Of the 51 squads who were below 900 in the APR, the NCAA says only 18 of them will be ineligible for postseason competition this year because of NCAA waivers and what the NCAA called other mitigating factors.

  • UConn was ineligible for the NCAA tournament last year and although the school is still below 900 in the four-year average, the NCAA has deemed them eligible for the 2013-14 tournament because its two-year average has shown improvement and is now above 930.

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