The new crop of Beavs land at OSU soon

CORVALLIS – OSU's incoming 2013 class is just a couple weeks away from arriving on campus. It used to be that new Beavs got into town just before fall camp. Now they enroll early in OSU summer school courses, join the football program and take part in voluntary summer workouts. We contacted a quartet of future Beavs for their thoughts, with life in the Pac-12 coming up fast…

QB Kyle Kempt told BF.C he'll be moving into the Oregon State dorms on July 7.

"I wouldn't say I'm nervous about anything (to come) in fall camp. I guess I'm just anxious to practice and get into the flow of how things work," said Kempt.

Kempt said his top priority is to get acclimated to the speed of college football. The 6-5, 205 QB out of Massillon, Ohio may have to adapt quicker than expected. OSU has only three other scholarship QBs on the roster.

A redshirt year in 2013 goes without saying for Kempt, unless an injury tsunami takes place. But the top two Beavs QBs are a senior and junior, and then Brett Vanderveen is a redshirt freshman.

In other words, a run on injuries this year or next could instantly put Kempt on red alert.

RUNNING BACK Damien Haskins will also be arriving on July 7. The youngster brings some size to the table at 5-9, 213-pounds and also a good burst out of the backfield.

"I'm very excited to be a part of the program," Haskins said. "My strength is going to be my size and speed. But I'm hoping to find my weakest area so I can work on it (at OSU)."

Oregon State this spring showed an improved running game, with Storm Woods leading the way and Terron Ward cracking pads with authority. But the Beavs have been mostly underwhelming on the ground since Quizz Rodgers departed. Injuries have been a problem. And until the running attack begins to prove it on Saturdays this fall, that's going to continue to be the perception.

Which all means that Haskins could get a shot.

Sure, Haskins may well redshirt. But if he comes in and tears it up in fall camp, he could be right in the thick of things this August.

BF.C ALSO CAUGHT up with two of the wideouts Kempt will be throwing to in the near future.

Hunter Jarmon is a 6-1, 190 receiver out of Waco, Texas who said he plans to arrive in Corvallis on July 5.

Oregon State is fairly solid in the receiving ranks for 2013 but there's probably only one slam dunk, no-question-about-it starter headed into fall camp – flanker Brandin Cooks. The door might be open, if only a crack, elsewhere and a true freshman who comes in and lights it up in August might earn, if not a starting gig, key reps.

A three-star prospect, Jarmon is amped to get on the field and "anxious about just competing with my teammates."

He's going to room with Jordan Villamin, who at 6-5, 205 presents a tall target.

Villamin, who will be cruising into Corvallis on July 7, says living with a fellow wide receiver may have some unexpected payoffs as far as on-field production is concerned.

"I think living with a person that is the same position as me would benefit the team," Villamin said. "We will bring out the best in each other, which will make the team better."

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