The Beavs and preseason predictions

PREDICTIONS ON THE number of wins at this time of year are based mostly on one thing – last year. Fall camp hasn't begun, the new freshmen haven't taken the practice field and very few prognosticators attended more than a couple spring ball sessions for a couple schools, if at all. OSU made a mockery out of the preseason picks in 2012. Still, that doesn't mean it's not interesting stuff.

Last year the pundits got it wrong on the Beavs. This year, OSU fans are hoping they got it right.

OSU has been a mainstay in the Top 25 win-loss marks and preseason polls that have been released (with the bulk of them yet to come this month). One of the latest, a Las Vegas betting site named 5dimes recently released their over/under on the win-loss.

They pegged Oregon State's win-loss this season at 8.5.

After the Beavs went from nine losses to nine wins from 2011-2012, that's about where most are pegging them this preseason for the 2013 campaign – at nine wins.

A QUICK CHECK shows five of the primary preseason magazines/predictors have been released, with the average slotting Oregon State at No. 23. The Beavs are expected to be somewhere between No. 17-23 after all the magazine polling is in by late July.

The five are Lindy's, Athlon, The Sporting News, USA Today and Phil Steele.

Lindy's doesn't have OSU in their Top 25. Athlon pegs Oregon State at 25 while TSN has the Beavs at No. 23. USA Today has Oregon State at No. 18 while Phil Steele also left OSU out of his Top 25, though he predicts OSU will play Miami in the Sun Bowl.

"Why No. 18? The Beavers will be a Pac-12 contender thanks to a formidable offensive line, improved quarterback play and a defense that needs only to replace cornerback Jordan Poyer to be one of the league's best," says USA Today.

The five combine to predict Oregon State will finish third in the Pac-12 North this season, (Lindy, 4; Athlon, 3; TSN; 3; USA Today, 3; PS, 4).

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