OSU trip down memory lane starts tonight

A TRIP DOWN memory lane for the Beavs begins tonight on the Pac-12 Networks. A new half-hour series, Varsity Days, will run each night this work week chronicling the Pac-8 with season review film reels of rare and never before seen historical footage.

Starting with the 1969 season on Monday, the series will then cover the 1970 (Tuesday, 7/16), 1971 (Wednesday, 7/17), 1973 (Thursday, 7/18) and 1974 (Friday, 7/19) football seasons in the Pac-8 Conference.

The series is hosted by Rick Neuheisel, while the original historical footage is voiced by Don Klein.

For those who want to see some Oregon State action during the Dee Andros years, it's a treat.

"These are film reels that literally have been archived and not seen in 30, 40 and in some cases 60 years," Pac-12 Networks programming director Dustin Rocke said. "For our fans that have seen it, it allows them to relive those moments. For the younger fans, it's a chance to really learn a little about the history of the Pac-12."

The 20-episode series will focus on the 1952-1982 seasons according to the Pac-12.

"You think the quality is going to be really poor because it's going back to the 60s and 70s. But it looks great. It's not quite as defined, but the quality of these are right on par with what is produced today," Pac-12 Networks programming director Dustin Rocke said.

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