CORVALLIS – No matter how you slice it, the Beaver receiving corps under Brent Brennan had a very good day. Malik Gilmore made some nice grabs during 1-on-1 drills, and youngsters Hunter Jarmon (5-10, 200) and Jordan Villamin (6-4, 242) showed some impressive athleticism when operating against their assignments.

Jordan Villamin in particular has the height and frame to be absolutely destructive in the future, but shedding some pounds may help his chances of quickly moving up the ladder down the road. He has good straight line speed, but his horizontal mobility is lackluster from this chair.

Victor Bolden broke off a move today. I mentioned yesterday that the freshman could do well to demonstrate more control of his body. He did so briefly today, and I'm happy I caught it. He avoided one defender, then completely evaded two others with a sharp cut, away from the sideline back toward the middle of the field, where he was promptly swallowed up by black jerseys.

Remember that rust that I mentioned regarding Connor Hamlett during Day 1? Well it may still be lingering a bit. Hamlett was by no means awful on Wednesday, but he stood out more as a blocker, whereas his counterpart Smith did a lot of the receiving. This could have been by design – however I noticed that both Vaz and Mannion found Smith more than they did Hamlett on Day 3. Tyler Perry was also on the receiving end of a few tosses and he had an okay day in the open field.

The offensive line managed to hold up pretty well during the first day of trench wars against the defensive line. The usual suspects – Michael Philipp, Grant Enger, and Josh Andrews – had positive days keeping defenders at bay. Justin Addie also set some tough blocks and is consistently getting just a tad lower than the man across from him. Sean Harlow, Gavin Andrews and others had quiet days in the pit from what I observed.

Freshman walk-on and veritable tank Austin Johnson showed some grit in the trenches during Day 3. He plugged up Ali'i Robins at one point when the pair went head to head. Johnson is a far cry from Pac-12 starting material, ask Mike Cavanaugh. But practice makes progress, and eventually perfection if you're lucky.

The true test of the OL came during 11-on-11's. One of the first plays was a screen to Terron Ward that saw Josh Andrews and Hamlett blocking for the second-string TB more than 15 yards past the line of scrimmage.

The majority of the youth on the o-line – well that may be a slightly different story. Graduate Assistant Tavita Thompson did a lot of huffing, puffing and demonstrating when the scout team OL was the focus of the last few minutes of practice on Wednesday.

Corners Sean Martin, Steven Nelson and Rashaad Reynolds were a collective force to be reckoned with on Wednesday. A lot of tight coverage and hands on the ball from this trio of corners. Nelson had a bit of a hassle defending Cooks – but then again, most players do.

Yes, most players struggle to keep pace with Cooks, but not Reynolds. The senior covered No.7 in expert fashion on Wednesday. Doubts as to whether or not No. 16 has the sheer speed to be a definitive lockdown corner are slowly but surely starting to switch to the backburner in my opinion.

Larry Scott nabbed a pick today when running alongside Obum Gwacham. The duo tangled with one another as they fell to the turf, and Scott lost his shorts in the process.

Rommel Mageo has been sharing looks with Caleb Saulo as the No.2 MIK ‘backer behind Skotte. Mageo had a handful of solid reads with the secondary linebacker unit today, and managed to bat down some passes, one of which was a zinger through the middle from Vaz.

Steven Christian has dressed the last three days, but his field time as been limited to the sideline due to a bad case of mono. Riley mentioned that the fifth-year senior who walked on last season is rather close - pending a spleen test - to seeing consistent reps with the defensive back unit, but trainers will need to give him the go-ahead before No.29 rejoins the ranks of Rod Perry's unit.

Brandon Bennett showed some really impressive speed in the trench today with the 2's. The 6-3, 285 pound sophomore from Alabama is competing for time in the DT rotation behind guys like Mana Rosa, Siale Hautau and John Braun. With the caliber of speed he displayed at times, he could well have a shot at racking up some minutes at DE as well.

Rosa saw most of his time in the trenches against starting O-linemen, and when the team moved to 11-on-11's, Rosa was a plug in the middle with the starting DL quite frequently. The first two days of practice saw a lot of mixing and matching of D-linemen at various slots, but today offered a little bit more of a solidified glance at what Joe Seumalo and Mark Banker may implement moving forward through camp. Rosa's overall performance was decent. I still see him as a candidate for the super-sub role over extensive time at DT, but we'll see.

Highly touted freshman corner Dashon Hunt made his first squeak today on defense. He blocked a few passes when receivers and DB's went at it, and remained close to his assignment consistently. It's easy to tell he is too focused on where his man is and not the ball, as evidenced by not moving his head when someone yells "Ball!" followed by a football deflecting off his helmet. But he has some definite ball skills and fans should be excited about his future.

Ryan Murphy and Tyrequek Zimmerman continue to put in top-notch performances for Rod Perry. And Micah Audiss is starting to develop a knack for eyeballing the pigskin and closing quick enough to ensure that he gets a paw on it, or is at least a mere foot or two away from making contact with the intended target of the pass.

Running with the 1's

QB – Sean Mannion
TB – Storm Woods
FB – Tyler Anderson/Michael Balfour
LT- Michael Greer
LG- Josh Andrews
C- Isaac Seumalo
RG- Grant Enger
RT- Gavin Andrews
FL –Brandin Cooks
SE – Obum Gwacham/Richard Mullaney
SB – Kevin Cummings

DE – Dylan Wynn
DT – Edwin Delva
NT – Mana Rosa, and Siale Hautau got some brief turns
DE –Scott Crichton
WIL – D.J. Alexander
MIK – Joel Skotte
SAM –Michael Doctor
CB- Rashaad Reynolds
CB- Steven Nelson/Sean Martin

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