OSU FALL CAMP DAY 4: Defensive report

CORVALLIS – The Beaver d-line, the one with all the interior questions, had themselves a pretty good outing on Day 4. We've got that plus a whole lot more in our second report of the day..

.Freshman safety Justin Strong really made an impact today – on Tyler Perry. It was a clean pass to Perry, who posted up to make what looked like an easy grab. Then, WHAP! Strong comes in with a hit that knocks Perry flat on the ground, where he remained still for more than 10 seconds. Oh, and did I mention that Strong made an interception on that very play as well?

.Junior defensive end Scott Crichton certainly appears to be making a great recovery from the surgery that kept him out last spring – He made Gavin Andrews look stone-still during trench battles on Day 4 on one play. Literally, he was around Andrews attempted block before the sophomore tackle could even finish getting in place to make contact with his torso.

.In lieu of Hautau and Edwin Delva (who saw most of his reps with the 2's on Thursday), Mana Rosa and John Braun were the starting defensive tackles. All in all, the senior interior linemen put forth a great effort and manage to push around the starting offensive line on a handful of plays.

.Wynn and Devon Kell did their fair share of moving around on Day 4. Kell was of utility on the starting d-line and Wynn made an occasional move to the interior. DL coach Joe Seumalo mentioned earlier this week that he was anticipating calling on the likes of Wynn and Kell, and we some a demonstration of their versatility Thursday.

.Delva was joined by Brandon Bennett at DT for most of his time with the second-string defensive unit. Bennett continues to have strong outings, and he is starting to make more of an impression on the defenses successes and failures.

.Akeem Gonzales also showed some quick feet during the pit battles on Thursday. He may be undersized, even for a DL corps that prides itself on fast, relatively lightweight ends who are quick to get a bead in the QB – but he knows how to move so that his size is not a prominent disadvantage.

.Linebacker D.J. Alexander stuffed Woods on a play, navigating a mediocre blocking scheme and finding the starting halfback in the backfield.

.MIK Joel Skotte had an okay day. He struggles with reading coverages here and there, but the sophomore is coming right along for the most part. For what Skotte lacks in awareness at this stage, he makes up for in speed and a good wrap-up.

.Steven Nelson was part-time on the 2's today. He is already a distinct force in the secondary, even after just four days and one spring session. The junior is quietly solidifying a spot for himself on this defense in my opinion.

.Sean Martin had some issues keeping tabs on Richard Mullaney -- a very physical guy. I think Martin's strength lies more in pursuit and zone coverage than it does man-to-man packages. Martin's speed and awareness are his key assets – however, speed and good eyes don't always provide equally positive results in close quarters.

.Dashon Hunt, Malcolm Marable and Larry Scott all received ample time on the field today and all three flashed some speed. Marable blocked a pass attempt to Gwacham with an exciting leaping into the air.

Running with the 1's – Day Four

DE – Dylan Wynn
DT – John Braun
DT – Mana Rosa
DE –Scott Crichton
WIL – D.J. Alexander
MIK – Joel Skotte
SAM –Michael Doctor
CB- Rashaad Reynolds
CB- Steven Nelson/Sean Martin
FS – Tyrequek Zimmerman
SS – Ryan Murphy

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