DAY 13, SESSION 1: Mullaney comes alive

CORVALLIS – No QB decision was announced Monday but Mike Riley did reveal three freshmen who likely won't be fitted for redshirts. The session - the third straight the orange and black have run in just shells – was fast paced. The offense mixed it up and even worked in some plays designed for the opener and Eastern Washington. Plus, a wideout had his best fall camp outing to date.

As BF.C noted earlier on our message boards this afternoon, LB Darrell Songy, CB Dashon Hunt and S Brandon Arnold are not likely to redshirt, said Mike Riley.

Riley also said two other candidates for immediate action – OL Sean Harlow and WR Victor Bolden - remain "on the bubble" for playing time in ‘13.

Riley said he wants to see Bolden develop more before he makes a final judgment, and the head man was adamant about not wanting to play Harlow unless an emergency dictated his use, though Harlow could fulfil a certain need for an OL sporting depth concerns. But ultimately, they might be on red alert this season, or at least through the first part of the season.

"The intention could be to redshirt but keep them ready," Riley said Monday. "That is a hard roster spot to give up, and we won't like that when we are picking the 70 guys that get to travel to a game."

"The rest of (the freshman class) are redshirting, so it's a good, large number." Riley added.

OSU's head man also indicated that there are a few more players who are about to join the football team. It was unclear if those players were preferred walk on types, a late JC addition signing financial aid papers or a mixture of both.

"We are adding some guys as we go," Riley said. "I'll give you those names when they are actually out here practicing."

THE FIRST HALF of Monday's two-a-day went quite smoothly for both sides of the ball. Oregon State has already started doing some game prep for Eastern Washington, and Riley gave the media a good idea of what the next two weeks of practice will look like for the Beavs.

"We did some Eastern Washington stuff today," Riley said. "What I'm trying to do is mix in about a half hour of special teams, a half hour of individual (drills), a half hour of interaction (team drills) and a half hour of Eastern Washington, and we will increase that (EWU prep) as we go."

Practice Notes – Day 13 Session 1
  • With a little less than an hour remaining, Oregon State divided into two groups – one consisted of the starting and second team offenses battling against the scout team defense. The second group contained the first and second team defense pitted against the scout team offense. The purpose was to better simulate the kinds of looks the starting units can expect to see from their first opponent on Aug. 31.

  • Receiver Richard Mullaney spent his whole afternoon working with the 1's at split-end. His action early on brought back memories of last year's fall camp, where he was a beast in the red zone and a go-to-guy down inside the 10-yard line. Mullaney caught two well thrown passes by Sean Mannion and had to muscle by his defender to grab each one. Monday afternoon was one of Mullaney's better looking installments of fall camp. He showed some speed in the pattern, caught just about everything I saw go his way and overwhelmed the competition in the red zone.

  • Mannion and senior QB Cody Vaz shared repetitions with the starting offensive unit on Monday, with Mannion putting in a slightly better performance from this chair. The junior's poise in the pocket was there - he stepped into his deeper throws and got rid of the ball with conviction. Vaz wasn't quite as quick in getting the ball out, was "sacked" once and had to throw the ball away more than twice. Bear in mind that Vaz was also throwing more to the younger wideouts like Bolden (No.2 flanker in for injured Micah Hatfield) and Malik Gilmore – while Mannion had more throws to the projected starters.

  • Junior speedster Brandin Cooks ran with the 1's alongside Mullaney and starting slot receiver Kevin Cummings. Cooks was up to his old tricks – beating corner Sean Martin to the ball on multiple plays and working the sideline with precision.

  • Cummings also had a solid run in the second part of the first practice session of the day. He and Cooks were perhaps the two most frequent targets of Mannion, and Cummings was doing a superb job of navigating the defensive zones on most of his routes.

  • Justin Addie, a second team/scout team O-lineman, ran with scout team offense as a center on Monday. Addie, a 6-2, 310 sophomore was hiking the ball to soon-to-be redshirt freshman QB Kyle Kempt, and did a nice job in his blocking assignments. From this chair, Addie may be better suited as a guard but with Grant Bays, Roman Sapolu (out for the day) Josh Mitchell and Harlow a step ahead of Addie in the rotation there, the sophomore was of more use with the scout team on Monday.

  • The starting offensive line was on the receiving end of some traditional Mike Cavanaugh barking during team drills, but he quieted down as guys like Mitchell and Michael Philipp found their groove. On the whole, the starting OL put in a heck of a day from my vantage point – Mannion and Vaz generally had plenty of time to toss the ball, even with Dylan Wynn and Scott Crichton going full speed ahead.

  • Mitchell continues to see reps as the No.1 center with Isaac Seumalo on the sidelines. He is an adequate force in the middle – offering good strength and some additional girth. Mitchell is actually 15 pounds lighter than Seumalo, but the sophomore's weight is distributed differently. Cavanaugh has mentioned before that Mitchell needs to be game ready for those ‘just in case' scenarios that could see him end up at center or maybe even guard for a series. Mitchell's work in the middle has not been perfect thus far, but it hasn't been a disappointment either. Still, everyone wants to see Seumalo, an honors candidate as a true sophomore, back and ready to roll.

  • Bolden continues to impress me with his speed and ability to get to the ball. He's not physically intimidating but he's one of the more adept playmakers the Beavs have out in space. Bolden has a quick juke, good field vision and a nice initial burst. Should he continue to play at the level he has been, the decision of whether or not to redshirt him will be a tough one.

  • The ground game saw pretty light action for the first part of Day 13. With the Beavs in shells, most of the work that Storm Woods, Terron Ward and Tyler Anderson involved the passing game, where they had some success against the scout team defense.

    Offensive Injury Updates
    The walking wounded for the offensive squadron include – Isaac Seumalo (C), Roman Sapolu (OL), Will Hopkins (TE), Micah Hatfield (WR), J.C. Grim (WR). Freshman wideout Hunter Jarmon also returned to the ranks Monday after suffering an injury during last Friday's evening session. Walter Jones sat out for Day 12 but was back in shells and running with the scout team alongside Jarmon Monday.

    Running with the 1's: Day 13, Session 1

    QB – Sean Mannion/Cody Vaz
    TB – Storm Woods
    FB – Tyler Anderson
    H-Back – Connor Hamlett.
    TE – Caleb Smith
    LT- Michael Philipp
    LG- Josh Andrews
    C- Josh Mitchell
    RG- Grant Enger
    RT- Gavin Andrews
    FL –Brandin Cooks
    SE – Richard Mullaney
    SB –Kevin Cummings

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