OSU POLL WATCH: Preseason metrics roundup

FORGET ABOUT THE preseason Associated Press and the Coaches college football polls -- Compu-Picks loves Oregon State in 2013! Of course, that invariably leads to one question...

What the hell is Compu-Picks?

It's one of a number of online preseason publications, along with the traditional polls and more familiar preseason magazines, that have their own polls out in the digital world.

And son't dismiss them too quickly -- they did just fine last year, thank you very much.

Indeed, Compu-Picks was more accurate than Phil Steele, Athlon, Lindy's, CBS Sports, Sports Illustrated -- um, well, everyone that put out a preseason poll for 2012. Yep, Compu-Picks was No. 1 in picking how things in 2012 would wind up.

So what do they think about OSU this season?

They have the Beavs tabbed at No. 18.

A metric called Cap Heresy goes even further, ranking the Beavers at No. 15 in the land.

Football Outsiders meanwhile has the Beavers ranked No. 22.

McIllece Sports tabs the Beavs at No. 25.

Over on the preseason magazine side of things, Athlon and The Sporting News have Oregon State, at 25th and 23rd, respectively.

And of course the AP and Coaches preseason polls each have Oregon State ranked No. 25.

Lindy's, Phil Steele, USAToday magazine, Arena Fanatic, Goldsheet, Compughter Rankings and College Football Matrix left the Beavs off of their preseason Top 25s.

CBSSports also released their writers' picks this week. Only two of the eight scribes had the Beavs in their Top 25 -- Chip Patterson (19) and Tom Fornelli (22).

Meanwhile, Tony Barnhart, Dennis Dodd, Bruce Feldman, Jeremy Fowler, Jerry Palm and Jerry Hinnen left Oregon State off their ballots.

Interestingly, Dodd had pegged the Beavs as the No. 21 team in his post-spring Top 25. He has since dropped them altogether out of his poll and an explanation for why wasn't readily apparent.

"Never doubt the Beavers under Mike Riley," wrote Dodd in the spring.

By the way, although Palm has the Beavs out of his Top 25, he projects the Beavs in the Holiday Bowl this year, to take on Kansas State.

The Orlando Sentinel has Oregon State at No. 19 in their preseason polling, while Jon Wilner of the Mercury Press left OSU off his Top 25, instead slotting the Huskies at No. 25.

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