Uh-oh: Beavs tied at halftime vs.Hawaii

OREGON STATE, in the second straight game they were favored heavily in, is once again in a close one. The Beavs are tied with Hawaii at the half, 14-14. Oregon State took a 14-point lead and looked like they might be on their way to opening things up but a pick-six gave Hawaii a spark and it's anyone's ball game at the half.

Sean Mannion tossed two TD passes over the first 30 minutes, one to Kellen Clute and another to a leaping, twisting Richard Mullaney. Scott Crichton had a big sack. And the defense looked to be playing better – not great, but better -- against Hawaii.

Then it all changed. Mannion tried to fit in a screen pass where his back went one way and he threw in another direction – as it turned out, right into the waiting arms of a Hawaii defender who took it into the end zone from about 25 yards out.

Midway through 2nd quarter, Hawaii had only 41 yards of offense yet trailed only 14-7. Mannion almost threw another pick on a screen but he was still 15-20 for that point.

More importantly, suddenly the Beavs began to miss tackles, badly, and Hawaii runners and receivers had lots of room to operate in – the last half of the second quarter looked a lot like opening weekend all over again.

Further, OSU has run the ball just seven times and they have just 17 yards to show for it.

Hawaii moved from their own 20-yard straight down the field, with the equalizer coming on a 15-yard TD pass. An illegal pick probably could have been called but a) the Beav tackler might not have gotten there anyway and b) the real story is that Hawaii looked like they were feeling confident and the Beavs were starting to look a step slow on both sides of the ball.

Second half to come…

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