WTS: Shocking OSU-SDSU edition

THE FINAL MINUTES of Oregon State's 34-30 win over San Diego State were so unexpected, so sudden, fans had a hard time believing what they saw. And scribes from near and far weighed in with quips and quotes galore...

You should approach Oregon State's partially-filled glass with care. Half-empty, or half-full?
Ken Goe, The Oregonian

For three whole quarters, San Diego State looked like a team that was determined to sink Oregon State.
Stefanie Loh, San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego State was cruising to a win. Oregon State was struggling. Writers had their stories nearly written, ready to hit the "send" button.
Molly Blue, The Oregonian

All over the stadium, people were freaking out.
Lindsay Schnell, The Oregonian, on Nelson's pick-six

On Saturday during the first half at Qualcomm Stadium, someone described Oregon State's defense as a dumpster fire -- on top of a train wreck. I had zero disagreement.
John Canzano, The Oregonian

You might as well start calling him, "Mr. Pick." That's the name Oregon State cornerback Rashaad Reynolds gave fellow cornerback Steven Nelson...
Steve Gress, Corvallis Gazette-Times

Whatever the case, the Beavers managed to lean on another workhorse effort from Cooks to squeak out a win. That's what matters, right?
Connor Letourneau, The Oregonian

Oregon State entered the game a nine-point favorite, but the Aztecs...had some things going for them. They were off last Saturday, giving them extra time for preparation. With an 0-2 record, there was a sense of desperation to win.
Kerry Eggers, Portland Tribune

While Oregon State head coach Mike Riley has been on the losing side many times at Qualcomm Stadium, he is not sure he can stomach winning like his team did on Saturday night.
Tim Powers, Associated Press

The effort was better. It just wasn't good enough. That was the assessment of Aztecs head coach Rocky Long and his defensive players...
Tod Leonard, San Diego Union-Tribune

And as the stadium lights were turned out after the game, an official in the press box announced, "Oregon State is halfway to being bowl eligible." I wanted to say: "You're drunk. Go home."
John Canzano, The Oregonian

Sure, this one was tough to watch at times. And the Beavers still have plenty of areas of concern. But a win is a win. And a win on the road is even better.
Steve Gress, Corvallis Gazette-Times

Aztecs quarterback Quinn Kaehler threw the game away at the end – literally – with two end-of-game interceptions ... But in the grand scheme of things, Kaehler didn't do badly in his first career start for San Diego State.
Stefanie Loh, San Diego Union-Tribune

Before Saturday's game at Qualcomm Stadium, Jordan Poyer called cornerback Steven Nelson ...and gave the junior college transfer an earful. "He encouraged me, got my mind right," Nelson said.
Lindsay Schnell, The Oregonian

The Oregon State Beavers didn't make it look pretty, but in a season where wins may be hard to come by a 34-30 win over (SDSU) puts the Beavers one game closer and half-way to being bowl eligible.
Alex Shoemaker, Eugene Daily News

OSU (needs) to take notes when Brandin Cooks trudges off the field after a win with a scowl on his face and his helmet still on.
Connor Letourneau, The Oregonian

Pinstripe Bowl: Oregon State vs. American
Ted Miller, ESPN

There is something to be said for a team that scraps to find ways to win.
Ken Goe, The Oregonian

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