Mageo to start; lots of OSU injuries

OREGON STATE WILL have a new starting middle linebacker this week, Mike Riley said Sunday night. The Beavs, they are beat up, with a very lengthy injury list coming out of San Diego State. As for the miscues in the game, there were many, and Riley didn't mince words.

Rommel Mageo is "probably going to be our starter at middle linebacker this week," said Mike Riley on Sunday night. Mageo replaced Joel Skotte in the game in a coach's decision, with Skotte continuing to play on special teams.

Injury list:
Josh Mitchell is day by day (sprained ankle) as far as practice goes.
Sean Martin (right shoulder) is day by day as far as practice goes.
Brandin Cooks has quad contusion, might be held out of tomorrow's practice.
Tyler Anderson (hamstring) is "getting better."
Storm Woods should be progressing to point where he might be able to practice Wednesday.
Siale Hauta remains out (triceps).
Grant Enger making improvement but "probably best we can hope for is after the bye" Richards Mullaney (quad contusion) will be limited this week in practice.
Connor Hamlett (thigh contusion) will be limited this week in practice.
Caleb Smith has an ankle injury, will be limited this week in practice.
Gavin Andrews is doubtful to return for this week.
Justin Addie should be able to practice this week, "full speed ahead," said Riley.
Garrett Weinreich traveled this week.
Michael Morovick is getting an MRI tomorrow on his knee, Riley was worried about what the severity might be.

"It used to be hard to get down to 70 for a road trip, now we can't find the guys to go," quipped Riley.

"We're pretty beat up in general," said Riley.

Riley mentioned that he was very frustrated and about several things during the game. He said it was also "scary" that the Beavs weren't on top of it from the get-go. He lauded the San Diego State effort and said "we only did that at the very end, although defensively we gained momentum (after giving up the long TD reception in the second half)."

On the injuries, Riley said if "we can get through it all and keep winning, it will make us stronger because we'll have a lot of guys who will have played."

"I was very frustrated with a lot of our play…but I've got to call plays and some strategic things we do so I have to keep myself (from losing my cool).

Riley said the Beavs were "just killing ourselves" with the false start penalties, fumbles, personal foul calls and some other things... "Boy there's a lot of coaching to be done."

"It looked like what we wanted to lose for a long time because were doing some really stupid stuff."

"But we were both fortunate and we made our good fortune."

Riley said Sean Mannion is playing "outstanding" football. He said Mannion belongs in all of the early Heisman talk that's going on.

"On the screen pass interception (that Steven Nelson grabbed that pretty much gave OSU the win,) I give a lot of credit to Dylan Wynn for that."

Riley thought it was a questionable call on the late hit on the SDSU QB towards the end but said that's probably how they're going to call it this year.

Riley said they have a lot to clean up but he's proud that the Beavs have been able to win the close wins so far.

Seven false starts was "ridiculous" said Riley, and he was extremely frustrated by the other penalties and fumbles and things within their control. "But they pulled themselves together at the end," said Riley.

On the run game, Riley said there were a lot of guys in the box and they saw "80 percent blitzes" from SDSU. He said he's confident in their passing game right now, and while he said he probably should have tried at least a few more runs in retrospect, "that's on me," what SDSU was doing also necessitated how the play calling went.

Riley said the trip to In-n-Out was great though they had to scramble to get the players home before curfew.

Colorado is a better team this year, said Riley and said their QB is comparable to Utah's Travis Wilson. He said they have a great receiver in Richardson, and that "No. 96 & No. 1" are outstanding defensive players.

He also said the Beavs have "a lot of work to do" to figure out who starts and where on the offensive line.

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