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JUST WHAT THE heck does an Oregon State quarterback in the midst of an historical season have to do to get a little national love around here anyway? Lead the nation in passing yards? Total offense? Passing TDs? Well he's done all that through the first half of the season. But that's just not enough to even place Sean Mannion into USA Today's top ten Heisman candidates list.

Through six games, Oregon State's Mannion has thrown a startling 25 touchdown passes -- that's a half-dozen more than the next closest FBS quarterback.

He is No. 1 in the nation in the points responsible for statistical categories, both total (154) and per game (26.0).

Mannion is also No. 1 in the land in total offense. And in passing yards, too.

So it makes perfect sense that Mannion is not being talked about on the national scene when it comes to the Heisman Trophy.



No, seriously. What.

In USA Today's list of their top ten Heisman candidates published Tuesday, Mannion's name is nowhere to be found.

And it's not like they're asleep over there, or not updating their list every week. Baylor QB Bryce Petty debuted at No. 6 on Tuesday after not being ranked last week. He's 80-of-114 (70.1 percent) passing this season for 1,690 yards, 13 touchdowns and one interception.

Those are fine numbers. And they don't compare with what Mannion has done, (194-289 (67.1 percent), 2,511 yards, 25 TDs, 3 INTs.)

USA Today includes Ohio State QB Braxton Miller in their Heisman list. Season stats: 49-of-75 for 609 yards, six touchdowns, two interceptions, 57 carries for 233 yards.

Where am I, anyway? What planet am I living on?

It's not about competition level, either. First, everyone is at least six games into the season. Second, if it ever was about the competition level, at least half of those guys wouldn't have been listed on a weekly basis by the newspaper this season.

THERE'S ALWAYS BEEN a lot wrong with the Heisman and by extension, Heisman punditry.

Since 2000, your team pretty much has to be in contention for the BCS title game or your chances were hugely diminished. Before that, and over its long history, it's most often been handed to the "best player on the best team" as well.

Because as history has shown us, you can be the best player in the nation, hands down -- but if you play on defense, or on the offensive line, sorry, this 'best player in the nation trophy' is not for you.

But let's return to the here and now. How in the world is Sean Mannion not at least in that conversation right now?

How can any legitimate news source or publication not have him in their top ten right now?

How in the name of college football does that even happen?

For USA Today's Heisman rankings published today, CLICK HERE

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