RILEY: Like a Jr. High School team sometimes

CORVALLIS – Mike Riley after the game on Saturday was frustrated and on Sunday night, some of that still lingered. Riley discussed the ASU loss, the Beaver D's ability to stop a very good running quarterback, injury updates, what needs to change moving forward and even briefly touched on the penalty called on OSU center Isaac Seumalo that appeared to be one that should have gone the other way.

Quick Glance – Injury Update after ASU
  • Brandin Cooks has a hamstring that is bothering him and it will keep him out of Monday's practice session. But he should be okay to go later in the week, Mike Riley said.

  • Storm Woods' foot is still bothering him but he is expected to practice Monday, should be good for Saturday as well.

  • Linebacker D.J. Alexander aggravated his stinger but it was a good sign he returned to the game later.

  • Freshman running back Chris Brown has a pulled calf muscle. Riley indicated that he should be good to go, but did not offer a date as to when he is expected to practice.

  • Senior wideout Micah Hatfield strained his back in Saturday's loss. Riley said he should be inactive for Monday's practice but will likely return on Tuesday.

    Riley talks ASU loss and beyond
  • When asked how it feels to be losing to opponents that Oregon State consistently has put more yards up against, Riley's frustration was plain… "It shows a lack of efficiency in taking care of the football really. We're gaining some yards, we're doing some good things… we have to help these kids more with the detail of the game. We busted a bunch routes yesterday, we looked like Junior High School sometimes, and that's our (coaches') fault."

  • OSU's head man felt his defense played great for the most part against an explosive offense, but the stumbling nature of the offense really overshadowed the efforts – particularly those of defensive linemen Mana Rosa, Dylan Wynn, Scott Crichton and senior corner Rashaad Reynolds.

  • Oregon State held ASU QB Taylor Kelly to just six total yards on the ground Saturday night. "I thought we did an excellent job there, I told that to Mark Banker," Riley said. "I thought we played disciplined defense…We were very sound on the quarterback and in good position when he did keep the ball."

  • Riley was upset about the turnover ratio, the red zone efficiency (or lack thereof) and the overall production of his offense after three straight losses. "We've plummeted in the red zone efficiency," Riley said. "Where we were leading the league, we're (now) somewhere in the bottom half of it."
  • Riley acknowledged that the most recent tumble in various statistical categories for the Beavers is both a schematic issue of the offense and the result of mistakes that should not be occurring, such as bad reads, overthrown passes and improper route running.

  • Riley described the penalty called on Isaac Seumalo, after the Beaver center had his helmet ripped off his head, as a can of worms he didn't want to get into. He then got into it anyway. And although he didn't elaborate much, said that there is a fine line between self-control and self-defense when it comes to an overly aggressive defender such as Sun Devil DT Will Sutton.

  • Riley noted that portions of Sean Mannion's throwing game last night were very much unlike the junior signal caller. He mentioned that the Beavs need to explore more and more ways to move the ball to help both Mannion and junior flanker Brandin Cooks.

  • Riley said he regretted not calling more screens against ASU.

  • The kicking team issues have been a big factor in the last three games according to Riley, and he said that there are some steep problems in need of fixing. On two occasions this season including the block on Saturday, Riley said FG attempts simply came out low and the blocks were not a result of a defender getting way up in the air.

  • Riley on what he told Sean Mannion after the game about moving forward and not focusing too much on negative circumstances. "Well you know I always tell them that their hardest critic has to be themselves," Riley said. "Our message to Sean is we're just going to keep coaching him, he's had a fantastic year and we just got to keep growing… He just missed a couple throws, and they ended up being bad ones because he had a wide open tight end or a wide open Brandin and he just threw them too far in front, and they get picked."

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